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ZBrush release 4R7 - adding KeyShot 5 to the mix

Published 29 January 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, 3d printing, visualisation, keyshot, cad, modelling, zbrush

ZBrush 4R7 has new modelling options and KeyShot 5 integration

Pixologic has launched the latest version of its much loved ZBrush modeller, release 4R7, adding in some features that have been much longed for by its users.

The biggest announcement is the new KeyShot 5 integration, giving fast moving modellers a render option that gets quick and simple results.

New 64-Bit support should allow the user’s workstation to tap all available memory and processing power for more details, complex models, and importantly, faster operations.

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Job of the week: Business Development Manager, Lenovo

Published 28 January 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: jobs, hardware, workstation, lenovo

Job of the week: Business Development Manager - Lenovo - Hook

Job Type: Permanent
Location: Hook, Hampshire

Currently the number one PC vendor worldwide, Lenovo is looking for a Business Development Manager build and maintain its sale of conventional PCs and develop and lead the PC+ era.

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Grasshopper integration highlight of latest Autodesk T-Splines Plug-in for Rhino

Published 28 January 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: autodesk, rhino, t-splines, grasshopper

The latest version of T-Splines for Rhino offers improved functionality and features such as crease functionality

Version 4 of the Autodesk T-Splines plug-in for Rhino has been released, with integration for graphical algorithm editor Grasshopper.

Many of the new T-Splines commands are now exposed for generative modelling inside of Grasshopper to users explore complex shapes that might previously have not been considered.

Elsewhere modelling improvements have been made and the plug-in should offer better integration with Rhino 5 64-bit, offering better support for histoy, xrefs, and editable menus, although it will not run on the 32-bit edition, or Rhino 4.

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First Look: Ansys 16 offers major advancements across its entire simulation portfolio

Published 27 January 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: simulation, ansys, composites, internet of things, iot

Ansys 16 offers the ability to prepare designs for the Internet of Things through serious simulation work - including electromagnetic disturbances like in this humble domestic kitchen

From simulating software and hardware interactions for the Internet of Things, to better understanding the full spectrum of structural materials, Ansys is setting the bar high with its latest release.

Release 16 is aiming to enable users to validate complete virtual prototypes of complex systems to address all the emerging engineering challenges - it’s a big task, but it has some incredible tools to make it happen.

Its headline grabbers are clearly in an area Ansys feels it can swiftly move into - enabling connected electronic devices - or its better known buzz term, Internet of Things (IoT).

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