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Feature recognition algorithm at heart of new Polygonica release

Published 30 July 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: polygonica

New feature recognition is claimed to regenerate original surface information

The upcoming release of Polygonica from MachineWorks will include functionality for automatic feature recognition on polygonal solids.

With many CAD models in use having lost their original surface data when the CAD output is tessellated into a mesh, the problem is that many processes subsequent to mesh conversion require the surface data that has been lost.

Polygonica has introduced the new functionality, claiming it capable of regenerating the original surface information from just the triangulated data.

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Delcam PowerMill 2016 gets ‘mirroring’ function for symmetrical parts and tooling

Published 30 July 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: delcam, cam, powermill, cnc

Parts can now be mirrored in PowerMill 2016

The 2016 version of Delcam PowerMill CAM for five-axis and high-speed machining is set to come with the ability to mirror complete machining projects in one operation and automatically maintain the machining characteristics.

This new feature should allow users to choose automatically whether climb or conventional milling should be used in each section of the toolpath, where previously, only individual toolpaths could be mirrored.

The new function should save considerable time whenever right- and left-hand versions are needed of a part or tool, and potentially making it faster to program the machining of symmetrical objects since it will be possible to program one half and then mirror the toolpaths to complete the program.

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How fast is your SolidWorks 2015 workstation?

Published 29 July 2015

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: solidworks, rendering, cpu, workstation, graphics cards, graphics, benchmark

This Menjac gearbox is one of three new SolidWorks models to be added to the benchmark.

If you are a SolidWorks user and want to find out which graphics card, CPU or workstation will give you the best performance, check out the new SPECapc for SolidWorks 2015 benchmark, released today.

The benchmark is heavily focused on 3D graphics, consisting of nine graphics and two CPU tests.

The graphics tests use three popular SolidWorks view settings - RealView, ambient occlusion and shadows - in combination with shaded and shaded-with-edges display styles.

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Back to the basics in ideation: Chris Cheung sketches out what new apps mean for designers

Published 21 July 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: the foundry, sketching, mischief, chris cheung

How is digital sketching fitting into your workflow, if at all?

Sketching still forms the launchpad for most designs, with digital tools now speeding up the workflow - letting designers share, edit and output ideas faster.

We grabbed a chat with digital sketching app Made with Mischief‘s ‘head of mischief’ himself, Chris Cheung, who gave us his thoughts on what digital sketching applications are offering designers:

Innovation and creativity have always gone hand-in-hand, but when it comes to software, it isn’t just about features and cutting edge technology any more. These days, when it comes to technology enabling creativity, less may indeed be more.

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