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Creo Product Insight to bring a ‘new dimension’ to the design process

Published 23 June 2017

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: prototype, iot, ptc, creo, liveworx

PTC Creo has integrated new levels of sensor strategy for building accurate digital twins

With its unveiling of Creo Product Insight, PTC is aiming to aid engineers to replace assumptions in the design process with facts, bringing real-world usage data back into engineering and connecting it with the original CAD model - its digital twin.

Integrated with the company’s ThingWorx Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform, inside the normal Creo release, Creo Product Insight is also able to help designers optimise their product sensor strategy and provide secure, custom data streams needed by integrating sensors into the design process.

As designers increasingly look to better understand how products are used and how they behave, and proactively design products with custom data streams by integrating sensors into the design process, bringing the IoT to the front-end of the design process is an exciting development.

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Autodesk’s Generative Design tools to be built into NetFabb

Published 22 June 2017

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: simulation, engineering, design, autodesk, manufacturing, topology optimisation, generative design, topology

Autodesk has announced that its generative design technology will make its appearance as a commercially available product inside of its Additive Manufacturing (AM) suite, NetFabb. For some years now, Autodesk has been showing off its set of generative design tools at various trade shows and user conferences.

While details have been scant, the company has made great stock of several public facing projects (with Airbus and others) that showed the potential for machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the design world. What hasn’t quite so clear was how the company intended to bring it to market and turn it from technology into a tool that can be used by a wider audience.

Those that follow Autodesk’s work will be aware that the tools have been linked to Fusion 360, to a research project called Dreamcatcher and a few other instances and while much has been demonstrated, actual news on where this technology would appear, as a commercial entity, have been few and far between.

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WATCH // How Rolls-Royce assembles its Trent XWB aero engine

Published 21 June 2017

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, rolls royce, rolls-royce, engine

Rolls-Royce recently uploaded a video of its new Trent XWB assembly line in Dahlewitz, Germany, offering a glimpse into how 20,000 components come together to form what the company claims is the world’s most efficient aero engine.

This recently opened assembly line complements the main production line in Derby, UK, and will help meet the demand for Rolls-Royce’s Trent XWB engines by delivering up to two engines per week by the end of 2017.

Combining this with the capacity to deliver up to five Trent XWB engines from its main production line in Derby the company says that it will be able to deliver one Trent XWB engine per day at peak.

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Lenovo unveils ThinkStation P320 Tiny - a micro workstation for 3D CAD

Published 20 June 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: cad, rendering, hp, nvidia, gpu, quadro, workstations, workstation, lenovo, thinkstation

The ThinkStation P320 is designed specifically for space constrained offices.

Lenovo has introduced a micro desktop workstation that is even smaller than the HP Z2 Mini, as reviewed here.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tiny is only 35mm x 179mm x 183mm in size and 1 litre in volume, which we believe makes it the world’s smallest workstation.

Overall it looks like an attractive proposition for those with space constrained workplaces or those who need a very portable desktop machine that is ISV tested and certified for 2D and 3D CAD.

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