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Formlabs’ CES launch: glass filled resin & audiology workflow

Published 08 January 2018

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: design, 3d printing, manufacturing, industrial design, manufacture, materials, formlabs

Formlabs looks to have taken the opportunity of CES to launch a bunch of interesting things. Perhaps the most interesting is the new Rigid resin.

This is the first time that Formlabs has launched a filled resin, promising higher stiffness and a ‘polished finish’.

Filled resins have been around for a good long while and available for SLA machines from a variety of vendors, but the use of them is complex: the particulate needs to be agitated to ensure even distribution so it’ll be interesting to see how this material builds on the Form 2 and what effect it’ll have on the degradation of the build trays (given the abrasive nature of the glass components of the resin).

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IMSCAD and AMD to help smooth path to graphics virtualisation in the cloud

Published 05 January 2018

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: amd, cloud, virtualisation, 3d cad, imscad

Customers are able to test their own datasets and 3D CAD applications using AMD virtual GPUs in the cloud

IMSCAD Global is teaming up with AMD to deliver a global demo platform to help Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and design / manufacturing firms ease the transition to graphics virtualisation in public or private clouds.

The collaboration centres on a ‘PoC (Proof of Concept) in a week’ where IMSCAD will host and support customers that want to test drive the technology. During the trial, customers are able to use their own datasets and 3D CAD / BIM applications using VMware or Citrix with AMD virtual GPUs.

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Blueprint product design competition packs in a whole raft of prizes to make an idea a reality

Published 05 January 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: prototype, 3d printing, industrial design, london, luma id

LUMA Blueprint 2018 is looking for entries to its product design ideas contest, which has packaged up a prize that should help take the winning concept through to realisation.

The competition is open for entries by anyone with an idea they think will make people’s life better with few limitations beyond that - anyone can enter, so long as it is a useful innovation and hasn’t been done before.

The prize totals £2,000 of product development, including £1,000 of industrial design time from LUMA-iD, while winners will also get £500 worth of SLS 3D printed prototypes from 3DPRINTUK.

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Project Geode solid modelling kernel targets fast engineering simulation

Published 04 January 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: engineering, simulation, pointwise, kernel

Pointwise’s Project Geode kernel is being used for node insertion in research code for degree elevation and curving of high-order meshes, such as this quadratic mesh

Pointwise’s Project Geode has been announced for open Beta testing, as the new solid modelling kernel for distributed computing of engineering simulation and analysis.

The Beta version of the Project Geode kernel is tuned to the needs of engineering simulation, making it fast and light enough for a distributed computing environment, while its heritage is the full kernel that forms the basis of Pointwise’s geometry-related capabilities.

A fourth generation solid modeling and geometry kernel written in C++, it is available across Windows, Linux and Mac in both 32-bit and 64-bit builds.

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