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DEVELOP3D November

Published 04 November 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: magazine, develop3d, kids

Winter’s fast approaching, so what could be better than taking shelter with the November edition of DEVELOP3D. This month we look at 3D printing for the next generation; product designers making movies; a whole host of rendering and visualisation features, plus all the best news, features and reviews.

The November cover story

The target market for 3D printers in the home is adults, right? Not necessarily – with creativity a natural part of childhood, we look at the Origo 3D printer designed for children.

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Better put a ring on it: Jewellery design and fabrication via the iPad

Published 04 November 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, ipad, jewellery, shapeways, online, gem

As design and manufacture creeps further into the public realm, it is fun to see the launch of iRing3D - an iPad app that lets you design and fabricate rings.

Designed by Paracloud, a company behind professional jewellery CAD software such as Gem, this simplified tool means the user needs no CAD skills.

Simply by sketching the ring with your fingertip, you can control the size and shape, and - most excitingly - upload it directly to online 3D printing service Shapeways to be printed in your choice of materials.

Given that Shapeways offers Stirling Silver parts, essentially this is an opportunity for unique, personal jewellery to order: That’s a ring, conceptualised by a mere mortal with no design knowledge, designed and on their finger in as a real silver piece of jewellery within 15 days.

An iPhone and Android version is soon to follow, while the iPad version is currently available from the iTunes App store for $5.99.

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Bluegfx expo - visualisation tools and tips from the experts

Published 03 November 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: autodesk, rendering, amd, visualisation, london, workstation specialists, hdr light studio, bluegfx

Bluegfx, resellers for all things visualisation-related, expanded its usual annual get together into a rather interesting event that drew in some of the Capital’s best Fakers.

‘Fakers’ is the term I’m going to apply to all the people working with 3D design to build scenes, scenarios and models so realistic you’d slap anyone that told you otherwise. Attendees were from all media, including film, TV, games and architecture, as well as a handful of industrial designers charged with bringing products to life.

Taking place at Ravensbourne (formerly Ravensbourne College, but now so technically advanced that it has dropped the ‘College’), opposite the O2 Dome (formerly the Millennium Dome, but now so injected with corporate sponsorship that it has dropped its morals), some of Bluegfx’s key partners populated a small exhibition space between talks from some of the biggest names in visual arts.

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Prime cuts: If the shoe fits

Published 03 November 2011

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: design, prototype, prime cuts, plastics

At this year’s Plastic Industry Awards, John Ewans Design (JED) received the ‘Consumer Product Design of the Year’ for the rather innovative Active Tools 2K Adjustable Rowing Shoe.

Traditional rowing shoes are made in the same way as normal training shoes and have to be manufactured in a range of sizes. As the shoes are fixed to the boats this causes problems as rowers either have to put up with shoes that are the wrong size or change them before going afloat, which is time consuming. The shoes also can’t be dried out or cleaned easily so they rapidly become both smelly and unhygienic.

JED were briefed to create adjustable, washable rowing shoes that would address this market gap. The new Active Tools 2K Rowing Shoes address these problems by being adjustable from UK size 9 to 14 and having their outer shells moulded from a soft EVA/TPO foam, so they can be washed and kept clean and hygienic. The shoes are silver to reduce heat gain in hot climates.

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