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Urban homes for London’s wildlife: The winner!

Published 17 May 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: london, bees, wildlife, inmidtown

51%‘s flatpack beehives, bird boxes and planters, made from leftover insulation linings of cars, fridges and insulation

Architectural practice 51% Studios’ ‘Habi Sabi’ concept to create urban wildlife habitats has triumphed over fellow finalists in the InMidtown Habitats competition.

Its easy-to-assemble, flatpack beehives, bird boxes and planters, made from leftover linings and fibres of cars, fridges and insulation will now be produced by InMidtown – who ran the competition with partners, The Architecture Foundation – and installed into 570 bee and bird friendly businesses across Bloomsbury, Holborn and Saint Giles that InMidtown represent.

Entrants to the InMidtown Habitats competition were set the challenge of creating designs suitable for the varying terrain across the district, including green spaces, rooftops, and terraces of businesses in the Midtown area. The designs were then assessed by a panel of experts including a beekeeper, an ornithologist, a cost consultant and a bat expert. 51% Studios won both unanimous jury support and the majority of the public vote for their competition entry.

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Job of the week: Mechanical Designer - Robrady Design - Florida

Published 16 May 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: jobs, job of the week, robrady, florida

Mechanical Designer - Robrady Design

Job Type: Permanent
Software: Pro/E, Windchill PDM
Location: Sarasota, Florida. USA

Today we go international to bring you an exciting job from all the way across the Atlantic.

ROBRADY design is searching for a technically talented and very creative Mechanical Engineer / Product Engineer to join its collaborative design teams and solve the complex challenges posed by translating innovative research into the reality of next generation products.

Its multi-disciplined product design and development studio offers its multinational client base - including General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Dell Computers, Parker Hannifin, AT&T, Merial, Vectrix, Polaris and Yamaha - progressive industrial design, mechanical design and product engineering, plus the whole package of everything else.

Job Requirements:
- BSc in Mechanical Engineering with FEA background preferred and 5 years or equivalent experience. Experience with product development desired.
- Utilising Pro/Engineer Wildfire 3.0 / Windchill PDM system
- Experience with advanced modelling techniques and surfacing preferred.
- Capable of developing 3D design models supported by Cosmos FEA analysis
- Working knowledge of product design using injection moulded plastics, castings, machining and sheet metal parts that meet functional requirements, suited for mass production.
- Support QC in test and evaluation of prototypes, tooling, and first articles.
- Actively participate in team ideation sessions with our clients and internal design team comprised of Industrial Designers, Engineers, prototypers and user researchers.

Sound like the job for you? Apply here

If you have a vacancy that you are wanting to fill, get in touch here

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Lenovo slims down entry-level workstation with ThinkStation E31 Small Form Factor

Published 16 May 2012

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: hardware, workstations, lenovo

ThinkStation E31 SFF: workstation class technology in a small form factor.

If you’re struggling to work out where on Earth you’d put the colossus of a machine that is the SuperWorkstation 7047GR-TRF, don’t fret. Lenovo has just introduced a much more manageable machine, the ThinkStation E31.

The ThinkStation E31 is actually two workstations in one – a standard mini tower version, available in June, and a small form factor (SFF) configuration, coming in July. Both machines feature the Intel Xeon E3-1200 v2 (Sandy Bridge) or 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 (Ivy Bridge) processors. Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory is also available.

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SuperMicro takes GPU compute to new levels with Nvidia Maximus-enabled SuperWorkstation 7047GR-TRF

Published 15 May 2012

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: rendering, simulation, workstation, gpu compute, nvidia maximus, xeon e5-2600

Workstation by name, GPU compute server by nature: the SuperWorkstation 7047GR-TRF features an incredible four Nvidia Tesla C2075 GPUs, perfect for iRay enabled rendering applications.

It may be a workstation by name, but SuperMicro’s specialist high-end SuperWorkstation 7047GR-TRF is really a GPU compute server with high-end professional graphics.

Two Xeon E5-2600 processors, up to 512GB of DDR3 1600MHz ECC registered memory and a high-end Nvidia Quadro GPU is pretty much standard fare for any high-end Sandy Bridge Xeon workstation, but the SuperWorkstation 7047GR-TRF takes things up a notch when it comes to GPU compute.

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