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The incredible work of Shinya Kimura

Published 10 August 2011

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: design, prototype, manufacture, motorcycle

Those of you that follow me on twitter know I’ve something of a motorcycle design… thing. During my travels through the custom bike building scene, I came across this rather excellent video that I wanted to share. It features the work of Shinya Kimura of Chabot Engineering in California. Breathtaking.

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Siggraph 2011 #1: Feeling good in Vancouver

Published 10 August 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: rendering, amd, bunkspeed, nvidia, intel, opengl, parallels, viewperf, luxion keyshot, siggraph 2011

The majestic North Shore Mountains, the backdrop for Siggraph 2011, Vancouver

It’s relatively easy to complain about the Siggraph conference and exposition – not enough engineering-related products, small show floor lacking major CAD and system vendors, no sessions related to product development.

But when you’re at the Vancouver Convention Centre overlooking the Burrard Inlet with the majestic North Shore Mountains in the background and weather so perfect you don’t even think to call it weather, you have absolutely no right. Please don’t hate me because I’m in a beautiful place.

On top of this bucolic backdrop, vendors of graphics systems have another reason to feel good: Jon Peddie Research reported last week that graphics shipments were up by 6.3 percent for Q2 2011.

Although Siggraph is about as far from a CAD conference as poutine is from risotto, there are still enough interesting developments to report. So report I will, in three installments for each day of the exposition. This one centres on processing and performance; the second on 3D scanning; and the third on 3D printing and storage.

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Prime Cuts: Green Lite means go

Published 04 August 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with:

It’s small, precariously thin-looking, can hit a top speed of 85mph and can top 100mpg - ladies and gents I give you the Green Lite… er… it doesn’t have a name yet, but what it would like to be called is the ‘future of transport’.

With its list of credentials it seems to fit the bill.

Essentially a motorcycle with a fixed body and even roll cage, it has space for two passengers and some of the luxuries of standard automobile transport. It’s a hybrid fuel and electrical vehicle meaning it can be used over long distances; you can ride it in the bus or express lanes to avoid traffic jams; and things like road tax and London’s delightful Congestion Charge would be cut to a minimum.

Its engineering is such that the three-wheeler leans into a corner, giving it greater stability on the road than its skinny, upright stance would have you believe, all of which was engineered in Autodesk Inventor to give the team behind it a manufacturable model that could also be rendered to be used as promotional material.


Tops off: The prototype takes to the road, showing it’s ability to lean

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Job of the week: Aerospace mechanical design engineer

Published 03 August 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with:

Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Type: Contract
Industry Sector: Product Development and Manufacturing
Software Category: CAD/CAM/CAE
Software Packages: SolidWorks
Location: Wales

Available fresh this morning is a six-month rolling position that needs filled ASAP - great news for any of you looking for some work in Wales with some previous experience in the aerospace and aviation sector.


- Previous experience of working within the aerospace/aviation/aircraft sector
- Candidates must be proficient in using SolidWorks
- The role will involve overall design, from concept to drawing release, specification for procurement of materials and parts, active participation in PDR, CDR

View it here

We have a lot more if you’re interested at DEVELOP3D Jobs

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