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Welcome to the world of tomorrow…today

Published 13 August 2013

Posted by Oli Smith

Article tagged with: 3d printing, rapid prototyping, industrial design, design museum, technology strategy board, future is here now

With 71 per cent of those surveyed by Ipsos MORI professing to know little or nothing about 3D printing, it’s on the shoulders of Design Museum curator Alex Newson to increase 3D printing’s social reputation.

‘The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution’ exhibit runs from 24 July to 29 October, showcasing what it is calling a new industrial revolution, focusing on additive manufacturing above all else.

The museum’s first floor has been transformed into every tech-lover’s dream, with everything from island pedestals of printed vertebral sunglasses, courtesy of PQ Eyewear, to Puma’s biodegradable shoes.

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Back from the dead: Motorcycle and car brands love a comeback

Published 12 August 2013

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: industrial design, automotive, motorcycle, norton, car, motorbike, bugatti, maybach, indian

There’s something about cars and bikes that make them so much more loved than a desk or a TV screen, products you use everyday but couldn’t be more indifferent about.

Memories such brands conjure - the warm feelings of nostalgia or the sense of past excitement - mean that there are more reboots of road relics than there are movies about superheroes.

The classic designs of the past are often treated with less subtlety than a sledgehammer, and in some cases this is a good thing, although for many classics the dream can be instantly shattered.

Ahead of our motorcycle special issue this September, we’ve decided to bring you some of the best and worst car and bike brand resurrections of recent times:

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New videos guide product designers into the world of MODO

Published 09 August 2013

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: rendering, luxology, modo, modelling, the foundry

MODO is big news in CGI, but its modelling, rendering and animation tools are also being lapped up by product designers.

To help those that might not be familiar with its capabilities, its developer, the Foundry, has just released a nice set of design-focused videos that explain four elements of the ideation process with MODO 701.

Check out the videos below on basic modelling, sculpting, applying decals and exporting. 

If you want to learn more about the product in general see our reviews of MODO 601 and MODO 701

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Dell to bring 3,200 x 1,800 res display to new mobile workstation

Published 08 August 2013

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: dell, dell precision, mobile workstations, nvidia quadro gpu, nvidia kepler gpu

The stylish Dell Precision M3800: a far cry from the days when Dell’s mobile workstations adopted a plastic consumer laptop chassis

Dell is set to up the ante in mobile workstations by introducing a stylish laptop with an ultra high-definition display that sports even more pixels than the Retina Display in the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Due to launch later this year the Dell Precision M3800 features a 3,200 x 1,800 pixel IGZO panel with multi-touch standard on all systems.

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