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Autodesk teams with Too to release SketchBook Pro Copic Edition

Published 20 July 2011

Posted by Al Dean

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If there’s something that connects those of us that have even the slightest of inklings of interest and practice in the world of product and industrial design, its the smell of markers. That scent, as you take off the cap, is unlike anything else and even now, I’m sure, you’ll all thinking “mmmmmmm… markers”. So, its with great interest that I discovered that Autodesk has just released a version of its SketchBook Pro application (not to be confused iwth the iPad/Android SketchBook products) that contains more than 300 colors from the Copic Color System, called the SketchBook Pro Copic Edition.

In specifics, the update brings 4 marks, a multi-liner pen, a drawing pen and a new wetness parameter in the properties. Additionally, a free SketchBook Copic Edition is also available which has the Copic Marker brush set and a sample of 72 Copic colors and its available on the Mac App Store and through (Which has both the mac and windows downloads).

Now, if only the software smelled as good.

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New Designers 2011 - Top Five - No.1: Oliver Blanchard, Plymouth

Published 15 July 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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#1 Oliver Blanchard, Plymouth

The redesign of the medical syringe by Oliver Blanchard helps reduce packaging weight, components needed, and includes an in built safety cap for safe disposal

Finding Oliver’s work came as an utter fluke - having already packed up for the day and about to leave the 2011 New Designer’s show, one of Plymouth University’s students asked if I had looked at its product design offerings. I hadn’t. This was primarily as everything appeared to be furniture design, and I wasn’t going to delve too deeply into that. However, I was reassuringly pointed towards the work of Oliver Blanchard and was particularly pleased I hadn’t legged it to the pub too early.

The primary cause for this was his design of the Sachet Syringe, an innovative new syringe that allows injections to be administered at a cost 53 per cent less than the traditional syringe.

Every year, 1.3 million people around the world die from the reuse of dirty syringes within a medical environment and within India alone, 62 per cent of injections are classed as being unsafe. Syringe reuse is a problem that blights impoverished healthcare establishments across the developing world.

Whilst there are obviously some components of the injection process that should never be reused, for example the needle, there are parts of the syringe which never come into contact with the interior of the human body. One such part is the needle cap. Oliver Blanchard has developed the traditional needle cap to become a tool that administers drugs from pre-filled, flexible medicine sachets, allowing the manufacturing costs to fall from 3.25 pence to 1.74 pence, a saving of 53 per cent.

Manufactured from injection moulded Polypropylene, the Sachet Syringe is aiming to radically alter the way in which injections are given, across the less economically developed nations of the world: a huge market, with the potential to save millions of lives. Oliver will soon be jetting off to India as it has already been shortlisted for an ‘India Future of Change’ International Student Design Award 2011 (not a patch on featuring in the DEVELOP3D blog, but we felt it best to mention it).

Elsewhere Oliver demonstrated the wide breadth of his projects - including a space saving garden shed/wardrobe.

A space saving garden shed design - as long as your garden’s big enough to allow the doors to open

His breakdown beacon and guide for disabled drivers unable to adequately alert other motorists of their broken down vehicles on a motorway hard-shoulder was another good idea - those with limited mobility, who in the event of a breakdown cannot get out of their vehicle, are left with very little choice other than to stay in the vehicle and wait for rescue, leaving themselves extremely exposed to the risk of being involved in a fatal accident.

A simple and reliable inflatable beacon, activated much in the same way as a lifejacket, it has a flashing light and hi-viz coating to warn other road users.

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The Breakdown Beacon is not incredibly flash design, but extremely functional and with the added benefit of solving a real problem

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New Designers 2011 - Top Five - No.2: Jennie Morley, Loughborough

Published 15 July 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: new designers

#2 Jennie Morley, Loughborough

Jennie Morley’s slick household consumer product designed to roast your own coffee beans at home - bringing benefits to the bean farmer and customisable coffee roasts for the consumer

Through roasting and grinding coffee with a Moulu machine the consumer is helping to support the brand’s drive for ethical trading. As Jennie will happily explain, the commercial market of the coffee business sees 41 per cent of revenue returned to the roaster and a further 50 per cent to the wholesaler.

Through the project’s business model and service approach the unroasted beans come under the Moulu brand, bypassing these intermediaries and in doing so reducing the price of coffee by up to 91 per cent. This saving enables a greater share being paid back to the farmer without the consumer having to pay a premium.

The idea is that the coffee is cheaper but also better quality - Coffee beans maintain optimum freshness for seven days after roasting, a period often exceeded through usual practises.

This is designed inside out to provide a user friendly system that simply provides the highest quality of in-home coffee in just 10 minutes, allowing bespoke blends and roasts, all for a cheaper price.

It’s a nice idea, but it’s also presented in a slick, consumer-friendly package that looks great and instantly ready for the kitchen counter top. Add to this that Jennie is endearingly confident about her work and was extremely keen to make sure we’d seen some more of it, all of which caught our eye (Jennie also did some work on last month’s DEVELOP3D cover product during a placement at SmallFry).

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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New Designers 2011 - Top Five - No.3: Jon Freeman, Nottingham Trent

Published 15 July 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: new designers

#3 Jon Freeman, Nottingham Trent

Saving the environment, saving space on supermarket shelves, saving the consumer’s pennies… What’s not to like about Jon Freeman’s Dilute shower gel?

Water is the key element in what Jon was displaying at New Designers. His simple idea for a diluting shower gel (the main ingredient in our body washes is typically H2O) reduces packaging size and weight meaning less cost for all involved, including the environment.

A small capsule is screwed into the base of the shower gel bottle and water added through the top once you’re home and ready to use it.

Not only has the idea been well thought out, it’s actually a rather nice bit of packaging design (see the sketches below), but he doesn’t stop there with his moisturising designs.

Design ideas for the Dilute packaging

With water a fresh, free fuel for assisting the health and learning concentration of children, Jon has designed a updated school water fountain/filling station. By making it appealing to the pupils it encourages them to refill their own water bottles on a regular basis, while remaining easy to maintain and clean.

Refreshingly he built models for manufacture, a even built a working prototype involving parts manufacture from China.

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