Entry level version of metals 3D printer MetalFAB1 can be upgraded with modular design

Published 15 March 2017

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: 3d printing, manufacturing, metals, metalfab1

Designed as a development machine, the MetalFAB1 entry level option can be used for development materials

Additive Industries has presented a ‘competitive’ entry level model of its MetalFAB1 model for metals 3D printing, developed specifically for process and application development and prototyping.

Combining a 420 x 420 x 400mm symmetrical build chamber in a compact footprint, the modular architecture, typical of the MetalFAB1 system family, allows for upgrading to a full size MetalFAB1 system later.

The aim of the machine is for existing users of the MetalFAB1 machines to be able to use the new system to develop the build strategies and process settings for new materials and applications before transferring these to their larger industrial MetalFAB1 systems for series production.

“This machine is the result of a productive dialogue with our customers and prospective users and completes the range of MetalFAB1 systems for industrial metal additive manufacturing,” said Additive Industries CTO Mark Vaes.

“There is no other solution offering so much flexibility to expand in combination with future proof 3D printing capabilities,” added Co-founder & CEO, Daan Kersten.


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Posted by Russell on 23 September 2017 at 01:58 PM

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