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Intel offers fast track evaluation of cloud-based workstations for CAD

Published 08 June 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

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Intel’s cloud-based workstation trial is ready to go with SolidWorks and other CAD applications.

Intel has teamed up with graphics virtualisation specialist IMSCAD, virtualisation software developer Citrix and global data centre provider PhoenixNAP to offer architecture, engineering and manufacturing firms a fast track evaluation of cloud-based remote workstations.

Trials are available to firms of all types and sizes with ready access to a range of CAD software, including SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and AutoCAD. Other software applications can be set up by request.

Intel provides the architectural heart of the solution, with ‘remote workstations’ that feature Intel Xeon E3-1500 v5 CPUs with integrated Intel Iris Pro graphics P580.

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AMD targets pro viz users with Radeon Vega Frontier

Published 16 May 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: cad, amd, gpu, vr, viz, radeon pro, vray, radeon, prorender

The blue Radeon Vega Frontier Edition is air cooled.

AMD has announced what it claims to be the most powerful graphics card in the world. The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition is the first GPU born from its much-anticipated Vega architecture.

The Vega Frontier is a dual height board with 16GB HBM2 memory that is focused on professional users, rather than gamers. But it doesn’t belong to the same Radeon Pro WX family (previously FirePro) that is designed and certified for 3D CAD and other professional 3D applications.

Instead the Vega Frontier is a new GPU brand that is focused on three main workloads: 1) Artificial Intelligence (machine learning), 2) Professional visualisation and photorealistic rendering and 3) next generation games and creative development.

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Nvidia to present latest advances in VR and GPU rendering

Published 08 May 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: autodesk, rendering, nvidia, gpu, quadro, vr, esi

ESI Group IC.IDO uses the Nvidia VRWorks SDK

At its annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this week Nvidia is set to showcase several new developments surrounding in VR and GPU rendering.

One such development is a proof of concept for multi user VR, which allows up to four people to collaborate and interact with each other in a shared experience.

Nvidia’s multi user system comprises four Nvidia Quadro P6000 GPUs running four virtual machines on a PC server. Combined with HTC’s Lighthouse tracking system it is able to power four HTC Vive Business Edition headsets.

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Dell introduces new UltraSharp InfinityEdge displays

Published 28 April 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: dell, display, ultrasharp

Dell has previewed two new premium UltraSharp monitors: the Dell UltraSharp 27 4K Monitor (U2718Q) and Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (U2518D). Both feature InfinityEdge technology and therefore boast very thin bezels around the panel.

As both monitors won’t be available until July, details are still quite thin on the ground. We do know that the 27-inch U2718Q will boast a native 4K resolution and will cost $699.99. The smaller 25-inch U2518Q will have a lower resolution and will cost $499.

Dell’s InfinityEdge thin bezel technology was originally introduced with Dell laptops, including the impressive Dell Precision 5510 mobile workstation, reviewed here.

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HP pitches 24-inch colour critical DreamColor display at architects and designers

Published 27 April 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: hp, display, dreamcolor

HP DreamColor Z24X G2 display pictured alongside a HP Z240 workstation

HP has launched a new 24-inch colour critical display, the DreamColor Z24X G2. The key target customers are artists, photographers and filmmakers, but HP says the affordable WUXGA (1,920 x 1,200) resolution display is also relevant to architects, product, automotive and apparel designers.

An HP spokesperson told DEVELOP3D that the ability to display colour-accurate materials can reduce the need for physical prototypes and can be particularly beneficial for products with multiple colourways.

Architects can present material finishes accurately in renderings and walkthroughs. Workflows can also be optimised by precisely matching display output to print output or display to display for consistency throughout the design office.

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AMD releases dual GPU, Polaris-based Radeon Pro Duo graphics card for CAD / VR / rendering

Published 24 April 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: cad, rendering, gpu, vr, radeon pro

AMD has launched a new professional graphics card that should be of particular interest to CAD users who also rely on GPU rendering or Virtual Reality applications. The Polaris-based Radeon Pro Duo essentially combines two ‘VR Ready’ Radeon Pro WX 7100 GPUs on a double height graphics card.

The $999 GPU is equipped with 32GB of GDDR5 memory (four times that of a single Radeon Pro WX 7100), which will allow it work with much bigger datasets.

For VR, the Radeon Pro Duo can use each of its two GPUs to render out separate images for each eye. AMD says that this can increase VR performance over single GPU solutions by up to 50% in the SteamVR test. It should be noted, however, that not all VR engines can currently make use of dual GPUs, but support will likely increase in the future.

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HP updates mobile workstations with new ZBook G4 models

Published 21 April 2017

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: hp, quadro, vr, mobile workstation, zbook

HP has refreshed its entire mobile workstation line up with the roll out of its ‘fourth generation’ ZBook family. This includes its first ‘VR Ready’ model, the 17.3-inch ZBook 17 G4, and the HP ZBook 14u G4 - the first 14-inch mobile workstation from HP in over three years.

Along with the mainstream 15.6-inch HP ZBook 15 G4, slimline 15.6-inch HP ZBook Studio G4 and budget 15.6-inch HP ZBook 15u G4, the company now has an unprecedented five models in its mobile workstation line up, that are all based on the latest CPU and GPU technologies.

All five machines feature a choice of ‘Kaby Lake’ 7th Generation Core CPUs. The ZBook Studio, ZBook 15 and ZBook 17 also offer several ‘Kaby Lake’ Intel Xeon CPUs, up to the Intel Xeon E3-1535M v6 (3.1GHz to 4.2GHz).

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