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World Cup means new balls: Adidas designs ‘Brazucam’ camera football for journey to Brazil

Published 02 April 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: football, adidas, world cup, brazil, sport, ball

Adidas has fitted a special version of the World Cup ball with HD cameras to capture its journey around the world

It’s a World Cup year which means several things: grown men crying like babies; increased absences from work due to ‘illness’; the global economy resurrected through beer sales, and of course ‘The New Ball’.

For each tournament a new football design is mustered (it hardly seems to happen in any other ball sport) that has a new eye-bleeding design, is made of all sorts of technogubbins, and will be the go to excuse for every goalkeeper from here to the Maracanã Stadium.

Yet Adidas has gone a step further this year by adding in HD cameras, which although missing from the actual ‘Brazuca’ match balls, will record a journey around the world on its way to Brazil this summer.

The official Brazuca game ball, without cameras

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Prepping for DEVELOP3D Live - 2 weeks to go!

Published 01 April 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, solidworks, 3d printing, develop3d live, d3dlive, conference, event, show, bertrand sicot, wearable technology

So close you can smell the excitement seeping from its pores, DEVELOP3D LIVE is a mere two weeks away, and holds more goodies for you in a single day than any show you could wish to drudge around for a five times as long.

Our latest killer announcement is that DEVELOP3D LIVE will be hosting a SolidWorks User Group (SWUG) - where not only will attendees have the chance to meet SWUG honcho Richard Doyle on UK soil, but also be able to discuss the future of SolidWorks with its CEO Bertrand Sicot.

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Creaform offers free education manuals for 3D scanning

Published 31 March 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, reverse engineering, education, 3d scanning, scanning, inspection, lasers

3D scanner company Creaform has launched fee manuals for education staff on how to use the technology

Portable 3D measurement solutions company Creafom has announced the release of two teaching manuals aimed at assisting educators teaching at universities, colleges and schools around the world.

As design and technology classrooms across the country have become transfixed with 3D printing and CAD, Creaform has created guides on how to best scan for reverse engineering and for inspection.

The manuals, free to download from the website, cover theoretical and practical information on 3D measurement technologies and their uses, including a lab guide on how to use Creaform technologies.

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Neri Oxman designs a chair. It probably won’t go with your current decor and DFS won’t stock it.

Published 27 March 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, 3d printing, objet, stratasys, furniture, connex, art, colour

Neri puts her feet up after designing the Gemini Alpha chair

Having recently moved home, from one grim hovel to another, purchasing furniture has been top of the bill*, and with so much to choose from in the DFS catalogue, it’s hard to find something eye-catching.

So it’s nice to see pint-sized professor, designer, artist, architect and all round tech ambassador Neri Oxman having a crack at a two-part chaise lounge - the Gemini Alpha - using some exciting colour 3D printing technology from Stratasys.

“Conveying the relationship of twins in the womb through material properties and their spatial arrangement,” wafts the press release, and there’s some interesting uses of material thrown in for good measure.

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Prepping for DEVELOP3D Live - 3 weeks to go!

Published 25 March 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, 3d printing, industrial design, develop3d live, design museum, awards, conference, event, d3d live, cu exposed

With our final speaker having just been signed up to be unveiled later this week, we’re storming towards the finishing line and putting the final touches to things like the conference guide.

That’s not to say that we’re slowing down in any way: The April edition of the magazine is nearly completed and will feature a CAM special, with some special manufacturing methods thrown in for good measure, including our DEVELOP3D LIVE speakers Robofold.

Elsewhere this week we’ve slotted in a visit to check out new products for the home at the Ideal Home Show, which shows a world of domestic appliances becoming more connected to each other.

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Not just an engineer, but a Marks & Spencer engineer

Published 24 March 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, engineering, education, ted, the shard, roma agrawal, marks and spencer

Structural engineer Roma Agrawal forms part of M&S’s ‘Leading Ladies’ line-up

British high street staple Marks & Spencer has today announced its Spring Summer clothing ranges campaign, modelled by its selection of ‘Leading Ladies’.

So far, so standard. Yet the ‘Leading Ladies’ have something in common; they are no standard clothes horses, all are much celebrated for their talents (or ‘women of substance’ as the Guardian newspaper has named them) including actresses, singers, chefs, and - at last! - an engineer.

Roma Agrawal is an associate structural engineer at WSP Group - most famously making London’s tallest landmark, the Shard, stand upright and remain that way - and will appear in forthcoming adverts modelling Marks & Spencer’s wares.

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DEVELOP3D Live 2014: Time to book your train travel

Published 20 March 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: develop3d live, london, d3dlive, conference, event, exhibition, trains, warwick, travel

For anyone considering coming to our amazing, free, live event on 15 April at Warwick Arts Centre, now is the time to start planning your travel.

There’s very little point in coming to a free event if you realise that it’s going to cost you £300 in train fares, or that you’re going to miss the start, or worse, have to beg for a lift off your mates at six in the morning and owe them a massive favour for years to come.

So we’ve done a bit of research for you (apologies if you live in a smaller town or village) to find the fastest and cheapest ways* to get to the event by train this year - remembering you want to arrive as close to 9am as possible.

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