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Electrolux announces Design Lab 2014 finalists

Published 16 October 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: rendering, student design, student competition, electrolux, concepts, electrolux design lab

One of this year’s concepts includes Future Hunter-Gatherer, which turns shopping into a game by allowing users to virtually hunt for their dinner

Ultra light jellyfish air cleansers; virtual hunting for groceries and an instant bath towel cleanser are some of the futuristic concepts that make this year’s Electrolux Design Lab 2014 shortlist.

Established in 2003, the competition is a global design competition open to undergraduate and graduate design students who are invited to present innovative ideas for future households, with this year’s brief to offer solutions to Culinary Enjoyment, Fabric Care and Air Purification in the future home environments.

Over 1,700 submissions were received this year, which have now been whittled down to six finalists, with the overall winner announced on 12 November 2014.

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Designing for the stage with help from EPLAN’s CAE tools

Published 14 October 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: cae, automation, eplan, electrical engineering

Stage Technologies used EPLAN tools to design 80 axes of automation - including Willie Wonka’s glass elevator - for the West End production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As anyone who has been to a West End production recently will vouch - the set up on stage is pretty impressive in its complexity. The motorised rigging offers fast changeover, not to mention the highest levels of safety.

Stage Technologies is a global engineering company that supplies just such complex stage automation projects to the live entertainment industry.

It makes use of EPLAN’s CAE tools to design control cabinet layouts, which in turn control the electrical equipment that interfaces with the control software. The scale of designs can be huge, requiring numerous control cabinets for one project.

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Reverse Engineering: A broken heart transforms into a gold pendant

Published 07 October 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: 3d printing, delcam, product design, jewellery, additive manufacturing, lionel t dean

A piece of film noir to get you interested in a piece of modern jewellery design

The context of this HeartBeat video may be lighthearted, but it successfully demonstrates the viability of precious metal additive manufacturing, with a bit of ‘personally beaten up’ customisation.

HeartBeat is a design by product artist Lionel T Dean, which has been scanned and reverse engineered with the help of Delcam and then 3D printed in 18kt gold.

The video produced to showcase the project is not your typical industrial process fodder: you’d never guess that its purpose is to demonstrate cutting-edge technology.

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The Internet of Things: robots are taking over the automated smart factory

Published 01 October 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: siemens, manufacturing, robots, internet of things, iot, smart factory

Intelligent Robots, should we be scared?

In the 1980s car manufacturers in Detroit were prophesising a future of “lights-out” manufacturing - essentially, the factory lights would be turned off and robots would be left to do all the work.

But this hasn’t really been possible, yet the smart factory is almost here thanks to technological advances and the internet of things (IoT).

The key to making this factory, and other smart factories like it, work is having the mesh of integrated technologies cooperate as an efficient whole.

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Combine automation with LEGO Mindstorms in COPA-DATA’s zenon Challenge

Published 26 September 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: visualisation, lego, ergonomics, lego mindstorms ev3, cola datas, zenon

z.T is the official 2014 zenon Challenge mascot. The competition combines the complexity of the automation industry with the creativity and fun of LEGO MINDSTORMS

Earlier this year COPA-DATA, an industrial automation software provider, launched its biennial competition - zenon Challenge.

Both existing and potential members of the COPA-DATA Partner Community are invited to use the company’s ergonomic HMI/SCADA software zenon as the visualisation and control system to power LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 creations.

With the competition deadline of 16 October, there is still time to get a team together, enter the challenge and submit a video of your amazing creation.

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Reverse engineering: an aluminium cycling helmet a shining example of CNC skills

Published 26 September 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: industrial design, delcam, engineering, powershape, cnc, 3d scanning, bikes, cnc machining, cycling, helmets

An aluminium version of the Rudy Project’s Windmax Helmet being created out of alluvium on a Mazak machine

A shiny incarnation of Rudy Project’s Windmax Helmet, has been milled in aluminium by Delcam to show off its reverse engineering capabilities.

The Windmax helmet is the choice of the Delcam-sponsored cycling team at the Italian manufacturer Progetto Cycling.

Although Rudy Project is not a customer, Delcam Italia general manager Franco Calloni approached the Italian company with the request of using the helmet to promote the Delcam Solution: Reverse – Milling – Inspection.

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New report says 16 is critical age at which women are lost to potential engineering careers

Published 25 September 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: jobs, education, schools, girls in engineering, apprentiships, female engineers, women in engineering, jaguar landrover

Jaguar LandRover has schemes in place to attract young girls into a career in engineering such as ‘Young Women in the Know’

We’ve been banging on about it here at DEVELOP3D for some time in various articles and blog posts: we need more female engineers, who currently only account for 7 per cent of the professional engineering workforce in the UK.

A new report by the the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), states, an additional 87,000 graduate-level engineers are needed each year between now and 2020, yet only 46,000 are being produced.

The release goes on to demonstrate that 16 is the critical age at which women are lost to a potential career in engineering: this is the point at which far more women than men make A-level and vocational subject choices that close off pathways into careers in engineering.

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