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Model maker Amalgam uses augmented reality to complement physical models

Published 13 August 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: prototype, augmented reality, model making, amalgam, models

A physical model of a superyaht draws visitors to the exhibition stand whilst the augmented reality app on an iPad enables them to interact with the model virtually

Augmented reality (AR) is a type of virtual reality that superimposes information, such as graphics, video and audio, over a real-world environment to enhance the experience for the user.

It is by no means new but it is rapidly gaining pace, including in the model making industry.

Chris Conlon of Amalgam, Bristol-based model makers, was approached by a client in the superyacht industry that was keen to complement a physical model of a yacht with a virtual model on an iPad app at a forthcoming exhibition.

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What’s new in Delcam PowerMILL 2015 - a CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining

Published 11 August 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: delcam, powermill, delcam powermill, five axis machining, powermill 2015

PowerMILL 2015 gives smoother toolpaths for machines with tilting tables

Delcam’s PowerMILL has developed into a CAM system that controls all manner of complex machine tools, from micromachining strategies for small parts to high-speed removal rates on large components.

Now, with the release of PowerMILL 2015, Delcam promises even faster machining of parts whilst maintaining superior part quality.

Big news for the 2015 release (check out Al Dean’s review of PowerMILL 2014 here) is improvements to the Vortex high-efficiency area-clearance strategy, improved collision checking to also cover near misses, and more efficient raster finishing.

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Reinventing the toilet for the developing world

Published 05 August 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: design, student design, toilet design, reinventing the toilet

LuLoo - an aspirational toilet for all designed by a team at Loughborough University’s Design School

In the developing world 2.5 billion people lack basic sanitation.

This is a huge problem and in October 2013, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) under the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with India’s Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) launched the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge:India.

One of the multidisciplinary teams that received funding to develop their ideas was formed by Loughborough University’s Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) and consisted of research associates at the University’s Design School. 

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The Internet of Things - TEO: the padlock of the future

Published 01 August 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: product design, cisco, internet of things, iot, padlock

With TEO your smartphone becomes your key

TEO (Transferable Electronic Operation) is a keyless padlock that can be locked and unlocked via a smartphone app or other Bluetooth enabled device.

TEO is a new ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things (IoT). This IoT term has been bandied about for some time and it’s at the point now where we can no longer close our ears to its chatter (look out for an IoT article in the July/August issue of Develop3D).

Similar to the August Smart Lock, TEO’s physical keys are replaced with a smartphone app.

“Keeping track of physical keys is a pain,” says Gord Duncan, TEO’s founder, who came up with the TEO idea whilst on holiday with his family in Costa Rica afraid that he was going to lose the keys to their SUV.

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LEGO Technic and Volvo partner to create six-cylinder Wheel Loader

Published 29 July 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: engineering, lego, construction, volvo, lego technic

The 2kg remote controlled loader not only drives, steers and lifts but also loads just like its 55 tonne equivalent

Toy giant LEGO and Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) have joined forces to create a motorised LEGO Technic L350F Volvo Wheel Loader.

Comprising over 1,600 parts and measuring 23cm in height and 59cm in length, the Wheel Loader is the latest flagship motorised model from the LEGO Technic line.

Powered by six-cylinder engine pistons, the model’s loader arm can lift approximately 1kg and the attached bucket is the largest part ever engineered for a LEGO Technic model in its 37-year history.

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Design of the commemorative 50 pence piece for the Commonwealth Games

Published 28 July 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: design, tangerine, money, sport, commonwealth games, coin design, royal mint, 4c

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are underway and the first batch of Glasgow 2014 50p coins designed by tangerine have entered circulation

As well as seeing sport on the telly for the next two weeks whilst the 2014 Commonwealth Games are under way in Glasgow, you may also come across a ‘sporty’ 50p piece in your wallet.

The UK’s product design agencies have had their part to play in the CommonWealth Games with Glasgow-based 4C Design creating the relay baton and now London-based tangerine has announced its contribution to the Games in the way of small change.

The Royal Mint invited design agencies to design a circulating coin. tangerine beat off over 50 competitors to secure the commission.

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Inside the mind of an inventor: ‘Tom’s Fantastic Floating Home’ on TV screens starts this week

Published 24 July 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: inventor, tom lawton, invention, tom's fantastic floating home

In his new TV program, Tom Lawton will take inspiration from his six-year-old son, Barney, for their boat

Tom Lawton and his six-year-old son Barney are set for their TV debut when the four-part series Tom’s Fantastic Floating Home kicks off on Channel 4 on Sunday 27 July.

Inventor Tom Lawton has featured a number of times in DEVELOP3D over the years, his Bubblescope invention graced the cover in November 2012 .

Those who attended DEVELOP3D Live 2013 will also remember his entertaining talk about the trials and tribulations of being an inventor and designer (the video is still available to watch here).

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