The inevitable risk of failure

Published: 27/11/2014

The Virgin Galactic crash has shown progress will always include some peril

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Is 3D printing a green technology?

Published: 25/11/2014

Jeremy Pullin on why 3D printing technologies are not as green as we think

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Is ‘reshoring’ really happening?

Published: 19/11/2014

Is the tide turning and manufacturing slowly returning to the UK?

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3D printing issues and challenges: 3D printers

Published: 27/10/2014

Jeremy Pullin on professional and consumer 3D printers - what’s the difference?

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Is it time for a change in traditonal software licensing?

Published: 24/10/2014

Will the next generation be expecting a more mobile licencensing experience?

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The shapes of things to come

Published: 22/10/2014

What will materials research lead to?

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3D printing issues and challenges: Material costs

Published: 22/09/2014

Jeremy Pullin on the effect of high raw material costs on the 3D printing industry

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Openness is a glorious thing

Published: 15/09/2014

Exploring how an open market is driving the 3D printing industry forward

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In defence of mass production

Published: 05/08/2014

Modern techniques produce goods that are affordable, reliable and, yes, beautiful

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It’s different for girls

Published: 31/07/2014

As every parent knows, engineering’s a job for boys. Isn’t it?

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