Simluation Workshop #5: Optimisation

Published: 14/05/2014

Laurence Marks talks us through two distinct approaches to optimisation

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The eternal charm of Lego

Published: 01/05/2014

Tanya Weaver considers the appeal of this humble brick

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Al Dean searches for a nimble combo of analog and digital

Published: 25/04/2014

Al Dean wonders whether the best way of working is a combination of analog and digital

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3D printing: real tools please!

Published: 24/03/2014

3D software vendors should pay more attention when it comes to 3D printing

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Where have the Great Inventors gone?

Published: 13/03/2014

The myth of the lone inventor

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Are we using technology for technology’s sake?

Published: 11/02/2014

Tanya Weaver ponders whether some of today’s technology is really necessary

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Consumer vs. professional tools: who decides?

Published: 06/02/2014

The growing trend to segregate pro and consumer tech

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Simulation workshop #4: Bolted joints

Published: 24/01/2014

Laurence Marks discusses how to go about modelling bolted joints correctly

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Making it in Ironbridge

Published: 21/01/2014

Al Dean participates in a weekend of making with technology old and new

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Why consumer conscience should help battle IP infringements

Published: 16/01/2014

Tanya Weaver contemplates how consumers can help fight blatant product copying

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