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New partnership sees Theorem Solutions relaunch fresh look Data Exchange Navigator

Published 23 September 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: data exchange, theorem solutions, converter, theorem, fei open inventor

Users of Theorem’s CADverter product suite will notice a new graphical user interface, which Theorem claims is vastly improved and offers a more interactive experience as a result of the FEI Open Inventor integration

A new partnership has seen Theorem Solutions able to redevelop and relaunch its Data Exchange Navigator (DXN).

After linking up with FEI Visualisation Sciences Group, a provider of 3D visualisation and analysis software and 3D graphics toolkits,  the collaboration has enabled data translation experts Thoerem to integrate the FEI Open Inventor - a 3D software development toolkit - into its portfolio.

The use of the Open Inventor toolkit has also resulted in a new graphical user interface, which is being rolled out with the latest releases of the CADverter product suite.

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Cyborgs: Birmingham festival will conclude with Cyborg Foundation presentation

Published 23 September 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: future technology, birmingham, tech, cyborg

‘Cyborg’ Neil Harbisson will be talking about the technology implanted into his head that allows him to sense colour

Spoiler Alert! Blade Runner is not set in Birmingham.

If this news has knocked you askew, forcing you to drop your rich tea into your brew, then don’t fret - cyborgs are coming to the West Midlands on 12 October as part of the city’s Fierce Festival.

The finale event at Millennium Point is titled ‘Cyborg Days’, where many of the UK’s leading cyborg experts will discuss the cultural and scientific impact of cyborg cultures, with a guest appearance from Neil Harbisson from the Cyborg Foundation, who claims to be the world’s first officially recognised cyborg.

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Composites: MSC Digimat v5.1.1 launched with new solutions for efficient modeling of materials

Published 23 September 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: fea, carbon fibre, msc software, msc, composites, digimat

With designers looking to replace steel parts with composites, analysis is becoming more critical

Understanding composite material behaviour is an increasingly needed skill for designers looking to incorporate advanced materials into lightweight products, which is why Digimat’s 5.1.1 release should be of interest.

Taking the complex process, it’s added new capabilities to help designers, engineers, material suppliers, and material users reduce the cost and time to engineer materials into products.

Encompassing end-to-end Finite Element (FE) analyses of materials, a FE meshing technology and solver gives necessary tools for the investigation of composites Representative Volume Element (RVE).

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Teach Yourself: Intro to SolidThinking Evolve modelling + rendering

Published 23 September 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: solidthinking, altair, tutorial, teach yourself, video, evolve

Teach yourself modelling and rendering basics in SolidThinking Evolve with this video tutorial

SolidThinking Evolve is a hidden gem of a tool, unlikely to be your day to day modeller, but something that from time to time you will pull out of the bag to get exactly the shapes you wanted, with the freedom of experimentation.

Some clever geometry creation and editing tools might just take things to the next level, while the Inspire add-on brings out parent company Altair’s showpiece - high quality surface design along with FEA-based optimisation tools.

To get you started we’ve dug out an excellent tutorial (even if it is going at a brisk pace) showing you the basics of Evolve, and even how to take a model into rendering within the package.

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