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Skanska to develop first commercial 3D concrete printer

Published 26 November 2014

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: 3d printing, construction

The 3D printer is able to make things which cannot be manufactured by conventional processes.

Skanska is leading an 18-month programme to develop the world’s first commercial concrete printing robot. The company will use 3D concrete printing technology developed through research at Loughborough University, and apply it to real applications with a view to ‘revolutionising the design and construction process’.

The 3D printer is fitted to a gantry and a robotic arm and deposits a high–performance concrete precisely under computer control. It works by laying down successive layers of concrete until the entire object is created. The printer is said to be able to make things which cannot be manufactured by conventional processes, such as complex structural components, curved cladding panels and architectural features.

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Speed up your workflow with Flow - a freely programmable wireless controller

Published 26 November 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: autocad, innovation, workflow, start-ups, crowdfunding, indiegogo, wireless controller, flow, open platform

Flow is a peripheral device that can be used alongside a mouse to seamlessly interact with a computer

A bunch of guys in Berlin put their heads together to launch a new peripheral device called Flow that allows digital creatives to speed up their workflow.

Having set up a start-up company called Senic to launch Flow, the obvious place to turn for funding these days is a crowd funding platform. In this case it was Indiegogo.

The Indiegogo campaign launched two days ago and has already reached 84% of its $50,000 funding goal. So, what is it about this nifty tool that is resonating with people?

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Inspiration: Who the F*** is El Solitario?

Published 25 November 2014

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: design, prototype, automotive, engineering, motorcycle, motorcycle design

If you read about design and the figureheads in today’s industry, you’ll probably come up with a list that can be counted on one hand (assuming you’ve not lost your pinky in a bar fight).

Apple’s Jony Ive, Dieter Rams from Braun, Yves Behar, Marc Newson, etc. etc. etc. You know the score.

But what connects these folks is that. while their work (or more accurately that of their teams) is similar, follows today’s design cues and customer’s requirements. It’s electronics, packaged.

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Fujitsu Forum 2014: supporting 16 CAD users with a single workstation and HPC for SMEs

Published 25 November 2014

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: rendering, cad, cfd, workstation, cae, fea, hpc, fujitsu, mobile workstation, fujitsu celsius

The Fujitsu virtual Vespa

From desktops and clusters to virtualisation and Vespas, the show floor at last week’s Fujitsu Forum in Munich offered plenty for design and engineering firms to sink their teeth into. In particular, there were some interesting new developments for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with a desktop workstation that can deliver 3D CAD to up to 16 users via thin clients and a High Performance Computing (HPC) appliance designed to take the pain out of deploying a simulation cluster.


All eyes were on the new Intel ‘Haswell’ Xeon E5-2600 v3 Celsius desktop workstations that Fujitsu launched in October - the single processor Celsius M740 and the dual processor Celsius R940. Both feature an abundance of CPUs and professional GPUs - the biggest choice out of all the major workstation manufacturers – as well as DDR4 memory, improved cooling, a handy carry handle and optional PCIe-based SSDs. (Read our in-depth report into these new machines).

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