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MSC Eagle lands for for CAE modelling and validation

Published 09 February 2016

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: cae, msc, apex

MSC Eagle Apex… yes we know this is a terribly photoshopped image…

The new MSC Apex release has been announced, with solutions for modelling and validating complex assemblies with the introduction of new part representations and connection types.

The new features in Eagle are fully integrated into Apex’s generative framework, which supports the automatic regeneration of simulation results when changes are made to part geometry or assembly layout.

Support for shell element (2D) and tetrahedral and hexahedral meshing (3D) is now completed with support of discrete mass and rotary inertia (0D), as well as beam elements (1D).

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Leonardo Da Vinci’s creations brought to life in London

Published 09 February 2016

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: dassault systemes, dassault systèmes, science museum, da vinci

The exhibition shows Da Vinci’s fascination with bio-engineering, as well as his appetite for destruction

Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius launches this week at the Science Museum, London, letting visitors investigate both the facts and the misconceptions that surround this great Renaissance genius.

As much an engineer as he was an artist, many of his creations had lain unbuilt in sketch form, until being digitally and physically recreated - much of which with the help of Dassault Systèmes.

This exhibition features 39 historical models of Leonardo’s inventions including flying machines, diving equipment and weapons, and 13 Interactive games and 10 multimedia installations showing how they worked, alongside some modern examples of robotics, aviation and materials technology - bio-inspired, much like Leonardo’s creations from the 1500s.

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‘Intelligent Tooling’ looks to take high value machining to the next level

Published 08 February 2016

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: manufacturing, machining, cnc, cnc machining, innovate uk

By adding embedded sensors into the cutting environment, it is hoped times and costs can be reduced, while higher resolutions can be achieved

A two year Innovate UK project titled ‘Intelligent Tooling’ is developing embedded sensors and electronic components within high value machining applications for the manufacturing sector.

Based in the UK, it will seek to develop a prototype tooling insert with embedded sensing capability, designed to withstand and exceed the harsh environmental conditions that are present in metal machining.

Further developmental focus will be to upscale the prototype to derive the data needed for commercial market adoption for sectors including defence, space, rail, automotive, marine and energy.

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AMD unveils hardware-virtualised GPU product line

Published 05 February 2016

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: cad, gpu, amd firepro, opencl, graphics, opengl, vdi

AMD gave its hardware virtualised Multiuser GPU (MxGPU) technology a first public airing in September 2015 and has now unveiled its first products: the AMD FirePro S7150 and AMD FirePro S7150 x 2.

For design and engineering, these server-grade GPUs are designed to accelerate 3D CAD in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, much like Nvidia does with Nvidia GRID.

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