HP Z Series Workstation

Published: 09/04/2009 | Process types: Hardware

Stylish and powerful offerings from HP

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NEi Fusion

Published: 09/04/2009 | Process types: Simulate

A powerful collection of simulation tools that prove easy to use

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Dock of the bay

Published: 01/04/2009 | Process types: Design, Manufacture

Stephen Holmes explores the design of some impressive dock-side cranes

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Dell Precision M6400

Published: 27/03/2009 | Process types: Hardware, Manage

The M6400 delivers exceptional performance, but portability is not its strong point

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Ministry of sound

Published: 20/03/2009 | Process types: Design, Prototype

How Bang and Olufsen got in tune with RP to unveil its latest innovation

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Dell Precision M2400

Published: 20/03/2009 | Process types: Hardware, Manage

The M2400 a true mobile platform for CAD

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HyperMove 1.0

Published: 19/03/2009 | Process types: Design, Simulate

Al Dean takes a look at Bunkspeed’s finely tuned latest rendering tool

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SolidWorks World 2009

Published: 18/03/2009 | Process types: Design, Prototype, Simulate

Nerds, geeks, Josh Mings and Al Dean turn out for Solidworks World 2009

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CAD on the go

Published: 17/03/2009 | Process types: Hardware

Rob Jamieson gives his top tips for the man on the move

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Kent Periscopes

Up periscope

Published: 16/03/2009 | Process types: Collaborate, Design, Manufacture, Prototype

ARRK gives Kent Periscopes the winning edge in the design battle

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