Product: Desktop Factory: What’s out there and what’s coming

Review date: 03/03/2015

Desktop manufacturing is taking another leap forward in 2015 with these machines Read more

Product: Review: Novatech E5-1620V3

Company: Novatech

Review date: 25/02/2015

Price: £1,654 + VAT

A mainstream CAD-class workstation with potential for CAE Read more

Product: Review: Scan 3XS GW-HT20

Company: Scan

Review date: 23/02/2015

Price: £2,247 + VAT

Single CPU workstation offering an exciting proposition for design viz users Read more

Product: Lenovo Thinkstation P900

Company: Lenovo

Review date: 19/02/2015

Price: £12,213 ($18,686)

Dual CPU powerhouse perfect for CAE specialists that can stomach the price Read more

Product: Review: Lenovo ThinkStation P500

Company: Lenovo

Review date: 20/01/2015

Price: £2,225

An impressive customisable and serviceable CAD workstation with room to expand Read more

Product: Review: HP Z640 Workstation

Company: HP

Review date: 20/01/2015

Price: price on application

A powerful workstation for design viz with plenty of scope for expansion Read more

Product: Yoyotech Proteus W8100 WS

Company: Yoyotech

Review date: 22/10/2014

Price: £2,750 (ex VAT)

An interesting proposition for users of design visualisation or simulation software Read more

Product: SSDs: PCIE vs SATA

Review date: 21/10/2014

A look at SSDs and what they mean for users of CAD/CAM/CAE software Read more

Product: Scan 3XS GW-HT10

Company: Scan

Review date: 20/10/2014

Price: £1,458 (ex VAT)

A powerful mainstream CAD workstation Read more

Product: Review: Fujitsu Celsius H730

Company: Fujitsu

Review date: 17/10/2014

Price: £1,580

A good all-round machine for CAD on the go Read more

Product: Review: Fujitsu Celsius C620 with Teradici PCoIP

Company: Fujitsu

Review date: 16/10/2014

Price: £2,114 (ex VAT)

A simple solution for remote CAD over a one-to-one connection Read more

Product: Review: MSI WS60

Company: MSI

Review date: 15/10/2014

Price: £1,699

A highly mobile mainstream CAD workstation Read more

Product: AMD FirePro GPUs

Review date: 14/10/2014

A look at AMD’s new professional GPUs Read more

Product: New workstations from Dell, Fujitsu, HP and Lenovo

Review date: 13/10/2014

The latest offerings from the tier one workstation manufacturers Read more

Product: Should you consider buying a new workstation now?

Review date: 10/10/2014

It’s the perfect time to be buying a new workstation Read more

Product: Teradici Workstation Access Software

Review date: 09/10/2014

Add remote access to your 3D CAD desktop workstation on demand Read more

Product: InterPro E-Series - E200HWE [v3]

Company: InterPro Workstations

Review date: 08/10/2014

Price: £7,775 (ex VAT)

A powerful niche machine targeted directly at design viz specialists Read more

Product: Workstation Specialists WSX4v3

Company: Workstation Specialists

Review date: 13/05/2014

Price: £3,995 (£2,935 after AMD 50% rebate - ends 30 June 2014)

A powerful workstation ideal for complex 3D work Read more

Product: MSI GT60-20K

Company: MSI

Review date: 23/04/2014

Price: £1,999

A standout mobile workstation delivering powerful GPU and superfast RAID storage Read more

Product: WS-M1760

Company: Workstation Specialists

Review date: 31/03/2014

Price: £2,835 (Excl.VAT)

A high-end 17 inch mobile CAD workstation ideal for design viz datasets Read more

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