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Pedal power to celebrate Tour de France coming to Yorkshire

Published 10 April 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: solidworks, bicycle, printing, tour de france, bicycle design

This summer sees the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire for the first time with cyclists starting in Leeds on 5 July 2014.

To commemorate the Yorkshire Grand Départ, local Sheffield lad Brian Trevaskiss hatched an idea for a bike design to be showcased at the Yorkshire Festival 2014 - a 100 day arts festival preceding the start of the race.

But his design was for no ordinary bicycle. Instead of using it to cycle around with he would be using it to print posters.

In order to bring his Pedal Powered Printing Press to life Trevaskiss roped in friends from local industrial design consultancy, Click.

“The project included design and bikes; two of our favourite things, so when we were asked to help turn this idea into reality, naturally we jumped at the chance,” says Magnus Edmondson of Click.

So, with funding from the Sheffield Culture Consortium secured they were off.

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Free UK trial to test out remote delivery of CAD applications

Published 08 April 2014

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: virtualisation, remote graphics, citrix, nvidia grid, remote cad

If you’re a CAD user or developer and want to dip your toes into remote CAD on demand you may well be interested in a free trial being held by UK-based consultancy, OpenBoundaries.

OpenBoundaries uses Citrix and Nvidia GRID technologies and hopes to gain insight into how its remote delivery systems are sized, benchmarked and optimised

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AMD FirePro W9100 professional GPU: first look review

Published 07 April 2014

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: simulation, amd firepro, opencl, cae, gpu compute, powerwall, ray tracing

With its brand new 16GB ultra high-end FirePro W9100 GPU AMD shows it is just as serious about compute as it is 3D graphics

AMD’s brand new ultra high-end GPU, the FirePro W9100, has to be one of the company’s worst kept secrets. Officially launched today, a whole load of information has trickled out over the last few weeks. AMD even held a pre-launch press event last month to try and steal some of Nvidia’s thunder in the middle of Nvidia’s annual GTC conference.

Now the whispering is over AMD certainly does have something to shout about. The FirePro W9100 heralds the next step in its professional GPU evolution. But this isn’t just a graphics card; it’s just as focused on accelerating compute tasks in simulation and ray trace rendering applications as it is on ultra high-end 3D.

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Female engineer pens an ‘ode to Engineering’

Published 04 April 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: education, career, female engineers

Nowadays, with the speed of email, it’s very rare to get a letter via ‘snail mail’ that isn’t a bill or a statement; even rarer still, to have your name and address handwritten on the envelope.

So, when a letter addressed to myself landed through D3D Tower’s letterbox I was more than a little curious. Inside was a rather charming ‘ode to engineering’ written by a female engineer, Amaya Muñoz of amx engineering in Carlisle.

The reason for the ode was not to showcase a possible change in career but to draw attention to how vital engineering is to all our lives and to get young people excited by engineering so that they may consider it as a career.

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