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SolidWorks launch Engineering Stimulus Package… in the US at least

Published 02 April 2009

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: solidworks, assistance for being out of work, solidworks engineering stimulus package

SolidWorks has just launched the ‘SolidWorks Engineering Stimulus Package’ program, announced at SolidWorks World in February, to assist out of work engineers. The package includes a free downloadable 90 day version of the SolidWorks Student Design Kit including eDrawings and access to the customer portal, access to Solid Professor training materials and a free bash at achieving the Certified SolidWorks Associate certification. Some VAR getting involved might also offer additional training materials and services at their discretion. But as ever, things don’t quite stack up for those outside of the US and Canada. The web-site doesn’t give you much if you’re outside the USA/Canada, stating:

Sorry, but it seems you are not a resident of the United States or Canada. Although you are ineligible for the SolidWorks Engineering Stimulus Package, the door to the SolidWorks community is still open.

Then gives a sales phone number.

The Engineering Stimulus package was announced in early February, I’m guessing there was some planning involved before the event, so they’ve now had nearly two months to roll this out. The excuse of “resolving some logistical licensing challenges” really doesn’t cut it for me. All credit to SolidWorks for actually doing something to help and I’m told it should launch later this year in the UK, but personally, I believe this should have been rolled out globally rather than leading with the US. If you’re out of work in design, engineering or manufacturing, life’s hard enough, without any potential help being geographically biased.

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Dassault teams up with i-generator to take on Retail, Footwear and Apparel

Published 02 April 2009

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: ptc, plm, enovia, product lifecycle management, dassault systems, manage, rfa, i-generator, retail footwear and apparel, flexplm.

Dassault Systemes just announced it has signed an agreement with Portland-based consultants, i-generator to “strengthen its position as an industry leader in the PLM market for retail, footwear and apparel industry.” Footwear? Retail? Dassault? Oh yes.

i-generator is a footwear creation services consultancy, specialising in applied research (ergonomics, biomechanics, and neurology), biomedical engineering, mechanical and industrial design, development and sourcing. They’ve worked with Timberland, Nike, Scott, Merrell and a little leftfield for them, Norton Motorbikes. i-generator will work with the Enovia team to deliver Enovia-based solutions to global footwear manufacturers. Dassault already has two commercially available, RFA related off-the-shelf, PLM products. Enovia Apparel Accelerator for Design & Development and the Enovia Apparel Accelerator for Sourcing and Production. This agreement should see these expanded upon.

While Dassault’s name might not be a name synonymous with the Retail, Footwear and Apparell (RFA) world, the acquisition of MatrixOne brought the company a raft of customers. RFA is something that many traditional PLM vendors are becoming interested in, as their traditional user based starts to mature. Dassault has MatrixOne (now merging into Enovia), PTC has FlexPLM which I assume is now being integrated into the Windchill product line. and there’s specialised PLM tools as well as well as those working up-in-the-cloud world, Zdesign and its Zweave system spring to mind.

The RFA is a pretty raw industry in terms of technology adoption, with data and workflows being highly fragmented, typically globally dispersed and working with large amount of data to manage. Consider a single training shoe. Between 10 to 12 different sizes for both men and women, regional variations, different colourways. Then consider component count. Different textiles, different suppliers, different components, soles, uppers, lowers, trim, stitching, assembly. It’s ripe for PLM and Dassault looks to be creating some very interesting partnerships to dive into it.

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Web 2.0 vs Direct Modelling: It’s here

Published 01 April 2009

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: bet i get emails about this...

We’ve long discussed the potential to reinvent how web 2.0 technologies can seriously impact product development technology. There’s, there’s and there’s Dassault’s 3d live collaborative technology – but no-one gets as close as SpaceClaim wink

The revolution starts here… wink

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