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IMASS and Trionics join forces

Published 12 August 2009

Posted by Martyn Day

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Two of the UK’s top Autodesk resellers have announced that they are joining forces. Leeds-based Trionics and Newcastle-based IMASS will join their teams to sell Autodesk’s manufacturing design solutions.

Colin Watson, director of design solutions for Imass Ltd and joint-owners of Trionics Ltd, John Pickering and John Bartle, said that it would be “business as usual” with customers experiencing a seamless continuity of service. However, they stressed that by combining the strengths of the two businesses, they would be further enhancing their customer service, support and technical consultancy.

The two firms are longstanding Autodesk resellers and appear to be a good match, complimenting each other with expertise in different areas; IMASS in Oil, Nuclear and Gas and Trionics in heavy machinery and automotive. With the manufacturing segment suffering, Develop3D expects to see more mergers and acquisitions within the Autodesk sales channel.

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Cambridge University announces 2009 photo competition winners

Published 10 August 2009

Posted by Martyn Day

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A little know fact but we have quite a few wannabe ‘Lichfield’ and ‘Bailey’ types on staff, constantly snapping away like idiots. While we might not win any prizes for our pictures, Cambridge University runs an annual competition for engineering students to capture great pictures of their projects. We think you will agree the pictures are all brilliant. The winning image depicted here is by Ben Sheppard and Robert Howshall. The device is called a ‘pebble’ and is a low-cost deep sea photographic vessel.

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Autodesk extends support for Mac

Published 03 August 2009

Posted by Martyn Day

Article tagged with: solidworks, autodesk inventor, workstations, graphics cards, 3d connexion

With many rumours now linking Autodesk product development with Apple OSX ports, the company has created a web page to guide Mac users best-run Autodesk applications on their Intel-based Macintosh computers.

There are two levels of supported software: Mac compatible (native) and BootCamp-compatible. On first glance it’s pretty obvious that much of Autodesk’s OSX compatible software has come from acquisitions along the way; Alias Design, ImageModeler, Maya, Stitcher Unlimited and Mudbox to name but a few. However, Autodesk now offers support to users trying to run Inventor, AutoCAD, Max Design and the Revit suite running 32-bit Windows under BootCamp.

For those non-Mac users amongst our readers, Apple’s switch to Intel processors enables Macintoshes to run either Leopard OSX (a UNIX-based operating system) or Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 using an boot utility called BootCamp.

There are Windows emulation tools for the Mac, namely VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop, which enable Windows and OSX to run simultaneously. These are not supported directly by Autodesk although bloggers such as Autodesk’s Shaan Hurley has had some success in running AutoCAD software under emulation.

It’s a small but important statement by Autodesk. The company is now serious about Apple and looks set to develop more native CAD applications for this growing platform. Insiders at Autodesk have told me that AutoCAD for OSX is actively being considered, while Inventor for OSX would be a challenge but not impossible. The high percentage of Macs with students in Universities is being taken a lead indicator that there will be increased popularity of the platform in coming years, at the expense of Windows-based workstations.

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The DEVELOP3D July/August workstation special edition is out now

Published 29 July 2009

Posted by greg corke

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The next issue of DEVELOP3D is out and we’ve gone all psychedelic on you for our workstation special edition – apologies if our cover hurts your eyes. We’ve got all manner of goodies – Top ten tips for tuning your workstation, choosing a graphics card for SolidWorks, Intel Xeon Nehalem workstation reviews and the rise of GPUs in simulation.

In keeping with our workstation theme, we also paid a visit to 3D mouse specialist, 3Dconnexion to see how it uses a finely balanced combination of CAD and rapid prototyping in the development of its latest SpacePilot Pro devices. Of course, we also have our usual smorgasbord of reviews and previews and this month Autodesk’s long awaited Inventor Fusion finally gets a public airing as does a new web-based tool called Vuuch that co-ordinates design discussions directly inside your CAD application – and lots, lots more.

Click here to download your copy now – registration required (FREE)

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