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DEVELOP3D goes public

Published 25 April 2008

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: design, presentations, design theory

Well, we finally got to the point where we wanted to tell everyone about what we’re doing - many knew already, a few didn’t. Whatever the case was, they do now. the team sent out the following message to everyone we knew this morning - and if we missed you out, apologies, its been one of those weeks.


It’s with a huge excitement that I can announce the launch of DEVELOP3D, a brand new Product Development and Manufacturing venture from publishing start-up X3D Media ltd.

DEVELOP3D comprises a groundbreaking new monthly magazine and dynamic website which will keep the Product Development and Manufacturing community informed of all the latest technologies, processes and trends.

DEVELOP3D’s goal is to give the greatest independent insight and advice on the creation and reuse of 3D product data, wherever it touches the product development process; from conceptual design, through design and engineering, simulation and analysis and into manufacturing and production and beyond.

DEVELOP3D will also address issues surrounding the business of product development, innovation, and globalisation and green issues.

With Greg Corke, Martyn Day and myself heading up the Editorial team we have very broad ambitions and decades of in-house, industry-respected knowledge. We are continually sourcing additional contributions from industry analysts, community bloggers, customers, readers and technology experts.

We will offer a fresh approach to covering this industry, looking deeper and broader to give our readers a real cutting edge and competitive advantage in an increasingly tough global market.

I have included our media pack, which includes concept covers and article layouts to show you the bold new, contemporary design. Our first issue, mailed to 15,000 named individuals, comes out mid-June, with a combined July/August edition and then DEVELOP3D will go monthly from September 2008.


Al Dean,

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Starck @ TED

Published 27 February 2008

Posted by Al Dean

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Philippe Starck.. if you’re into design, then you know monsieur Starck. Phil, a good friend (Champ, not Starck), a close advisor on all things design and a man I rely on to keep it real when I fly off at a tech-tangent, commented on this with “Starck speech was interesting… Can never quite make up my mind between genius or arsehole.” you tell me? Starck: Arsehole or Genius?

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VW commit to Teamcenter

Published 26 February 2008

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: automotive, plm, teamcenter, pdm

Siemens PLM Software came up with some interesting news, that it recieved a major order from Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft for Teamcenter and its implementation. VW will use Teamcenter throughout its vehicle design and manufacturing process to “create transparency in its processes, so that obligatory information on product maturity, productivity and cost will be available at any and every point in the process.”

The product data management project (known as K-PDM ) at Volkswagen is laid out over several years and will include up to 45,000 users in the final implementation stage. According to the press release, the essential goals are to establish “efficient and consistent processes within the global development and planning network through the entire product development process – with K—PDM as central point for the product process within the Volkswagen group.

Contributing to the success of the program are several elements – accurate data and a synchronous supply for all brands, locations, individual sectors and levels, including suppliers and development partners. The K—PDM project also encompasses the existing IT landscape, which will be consolidated and the costs optimized. The goals will be achieved through a specific Volkswagen change project that is based on a unified company wide product data management solution.

VW states that “The decision to standardize on the Teamcenter portfolio was based on the software’s ability to integrate and provide a consistent solution beyond PLM, the market maturity of the software and Siemens PLM Software’s experience in the market.”

The project will be executed over the next few years in committed car projects and different levels throughout the entire Volkswagen group. Following the successful completion of phase 0 and the “Go Live” decision in November 2007, Teamcenter will be used in production for future vehicle projects at Volkswagen and Audi.

This is an interesting insight into the work that organisations like VW and Audi are going through – while many still don’t understand the concept of PLM, this is changing and changing at a rapid rate. Call it PLM, call it PDM – what matters is that organisations are using the wealth of tools avialable (from Siemens and its competition) to drive out inefficiencies and costs from their processes, by working more intelligently – something we can all learn from.

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Multi Touch: the future

Published 26 February 2008

Posted by Al Dean

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From the last few months, its clear that many of the vendors are seeing the future as having us using both hands to interact with our 3d datasets. SolidWorks espoused the Multi-Touch user interface at the recent SolidWorks World and Autodesk has been banging on about for a while too. Having just acquired a Macbook Air, which features all of the multi-touch work from Apple, I have agree that its pretty dammed compelling.

What’s interesting is that the last example, Autodesk, now has access to all of the technology that Alias’ Applied Sciences department dream’t under the guidance of Bill Buxton ( I wish I could find one of their CDs that they distributed in the late 1990s. They had some incredible technology that’s still pretty cutting edge today.

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