New Tools for Rhino - Brazil Beta & Photogrammetry

Published 06 May 2008

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: rhino, visualization, mcneel, photogrammetry

Word is coming out of McNeel & Associates that there are two new add-ons coming on stream for surface modelling master, Rhino. Firstly, there’s a brand new beta for Brazil, the photo realistic rendering add-on for Rhino. Updates include a new ‘Graph’ section to most textures which displays a graph of the texture’s red, green, blue, alpha or luminosity along one axis. There are also a range tools for precisely defining sun direction and position which will be mostly useful for those working with Architectural visualisation. Other updates include a context menu to the color button, implementation of Brazil’s Advanced Global Fog Environment implemented..

There’s also Rhinophoto, Photogrammetry plugin for Rhino and provides automatic 3D digitizing from a set of photographs. having had a quick look at the web-site, this tool looks pretty impressive for those wanted to reconstruct 3D models (for whatever purposes), using some standard digital cameras and a bit of time. There are some good tutorials which give you a solid idea of what’s involved in the systems use.


Amazing!!! Sort of reminds me of using wire derefmors in Maya except this creates the geometry too! The way it re-configures the intersections is really impressive. Would it be possible to control the shape and/or number of sides in the profile. i.e. have 5 or 6 sided poly's swept along the curves instead of just squares? Or better yet, custom profiles? Maybe a Grasshopper command that lists the curve network and allowed the user to choose certain polylines to be swept along specific (or all) curves?Can't wait to download the WIP

Posted by Mustafa on 16 September 2015 at 11:30 PM

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