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Published 18 August 2008

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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A nifty preview of Inventor’s Plastic Features Technology has been offered up on Autodesk Labs, giving users the chance to experiment with new technologies for simpler plastic product design.

Designers and engineers alike will be able to create thin-walled plastic parts as design tools simplify the addition of features like grills, bosses, snaps, and lips to a design.

The release comes as a result of Autodesk’s work over the last few years to strengthen their position in plastics, what Robert “Buzz” Kross, senior vice president of Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions, has called “one of the fastest-growing engineering materials.”

By acquiring PlassoTech last year Autodesk have added advanced product simulation technology and Moldflow injection moulding simulation technology to Inventor’s armoury.


Why does it not come up and say this is not a trusted 3DS file on the Autodesk video just like the way their CAD stfawore behaves when others try to collaborate?is this a better way now rather than subscription users who pay heavily for their stfawore to now model in SketchUp? Think of all those family stfawore apps that offer modelling??looks like alot of money lost!model with fun, model accurately , much quicker and render in what you think is bestlooks like SketchUp is becoming industry standard toooo!ps are Autodesk confirming that they are putting back into their Vertical products the very successful 3DSOUT command for exporting Autodesk models into SketchUp wink

Posted by Ewa on 03 October 2015 at 07:38 AM

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