Al Dean brings the noise to Novedge

Published 16 December 2008

Posted by greg corke

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DEVELOP3D’s very own Al Dean makes a guest appearance on the informative Novedge blog today. If you look beyond the incredibly scary picture of Al (he’s not that terrifying in real life, honest), you’ll find an in-depth interview carried out by Franco Folini where Al explains the rationale behind DEVELOP3D (the magazine) how we integrate online and offline content and why you’ll never ever see him in a pair of white wellington boots and thermal underwear again.

Even though I’ve heard some of the stories before, it’s certainly a fascinating read. The boy’s got passion.


Believe me, it was not easy to write an introduction to the interview while looking at Al picture! I'm glad I managed. Al is the perfect candidate for an interview. He is never afraid of expression his opinions (always very valuable) and comes with the right amount of British humor.

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excellent interview. I can see a multi-part autobiography in the future.

Posted by Josh M on 01 January 1970 at 02:00 AM

Hey Al wher are your contact details and such? Congradulations with the new gig. It would be great to catchup.

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Chris - good to hear from you dude... contact details at al (at) x3dmedia dot com

Posted by Al Dean on 01 January 1970 at 02:00 AM

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