Lenovo W700DS - industrial design on the go

Published 12 December 2008

Posted by greg corke

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Mobile workstations are all the same. They’ve all got the same processors, same graphics, same memory and hard drives, right?

Wrong. This latest one from Lenovo is different. As you’ll see from the pic, it’s got a 10-inch colour display which pulls out from the main 17-inch screen; it also has a built in 128 x 80mm Wacom digitizer (and pen) and an integrated Pantone colour calibrator.

This is surely every industrial designer’s idea of mobile heaven - the ability to sketch out your designs on a colour accurate screen, and have all of your tool palettes set off to the side so you’ve got 17-inches of uninterrupted design space is pretty darn compelling. It’s also a powerful beast, so things don’t have to slow down when you start to formalise your design in 3D.

It looks like Santa will be bringing me one for Christmas (but unlike a puppy this will be just for Christmas as I have to give it back) so we’ll be taking a closer look at Lenovo’s W700 and a host of other mobile workstations in the January print/PDF edition of DEVELOP3D.



Despite how packed with technology the W700DS is, it is unfortunate that Lenovo seems to have discontinued production of any 15.4" WUXGA workstations with Quadro video cards. ie: Lenovo stopped making the T61p, which was a fantastic machine; a very powerful AND portable machine.<BR><BR>It's hard to envision really taking the W700DS anywhere on a regular basis; it's just too physically large.

Posted by pekaww on 01 January 1970 at 02:00 AM

I too was a big fan of the T61p, which has been replaced with the W500. This also has a 15.4 inch screen, but with AMD's ATI FireGL graphics. I take it you 're not a fan of ATI FireGL then?<BR><BR>RE, the W700DS. You're right, I see it as a laptop to put on the back seat of a car to take between meetings, but not to carry in a bag (unless it has wheels).<BR><BR>In the January edition of the mkag, we'll be reviewing both the W500 and W700, along with HP's 8730w and hopefully a couple of Dell Precisions too.

Posted by greg corke on 01 January 1970 at 02:00 AM

Nvidia QuadroFX cards seem to be the preferred choice of high-end CAD software; it is very unfortunate that they are only available on the W700 and not the W500.

Posted by pekaww on 01 January 1970 at 02:00 AM

firegl cards are fine in laptops I have a T60p and its lot cooler than the T61p with a hot nv card in. loads of nv cards overheat and have to be replaced in laptops

Posted by Getit on 01 January 1970 at 02:00 AM

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