SharePoint, Social and the Enterprise

Published 30 June 2011

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: design, autodesk, ptc, visualisation, proengineer, collaboration, microsoft, collaborate, sharepoint, microsoft sharepoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint seems pretty innocuous on first consideration. But then you consider how its become a standard, how it’s available, for free, to everyone that’s in a Windows Server environment and how almost everyone knows how to use it. That’s got potential whichever way you cut it. And a couple of things have popped up recently that made me think about it some more.

Firstly, I did a wee interview with PTC’s Erin Daly, who runs the company’s Social Product Development blog (which is also worth a good mooch through) about this after I’d been out to PTC PlanetLIVE earlier this month to see how the company was building some interesting SharePoint-based social media tools directly into both Windchill and Creo.

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Prime Cuts: Crowdfunding, developing for the iPhone and the BubbleScope

Published 29 June 2011

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: prototype, design, industrial design, visualisation, iphone, kickstarter, iphone app, hdr, hdr images, iphone cases

According to our analytics, the iPhone user base accounts for a massive majority of our readership. There’s something about designers and engineers that love themselves a bit of Appley-rectangle stroking, you know? A project that grabbed my interest this last week came from British industrial designer, Tom Lawton and the BubbleScope project. Keen to learn more about the project, how the team are building not only a physical product, but a community around it, I shot Tom some questions over:

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Job of the week: Industrial Designer - South Wales

Published 29 June 2011

Posted by Alan Cleveland

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Job Type: Permanent

Industry Sector: Product Development and Manufacturing

Software Packages: AutoCAD, Inventor, Microstation, NX, Pro/ENGINEER, Solidworks

Location: Cardiff

An exciting opportunity has become available for an experienced industrial designer to work for a leading product design and development centre in Cardiff.

PDR is a product design and development centre, producing both award winning consultancy and internationally regarded design research.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

─ Proficient in the use of 3D CAD modelling systems.

─ Excellent understanding of product Styling.

─ Experience of producing high level aesthetic solutions to design problems.

─ High level visualisation and drawing skills.

─ Experience in product design and development across multiple product types and categories.

─ Good knowledge of manufacturing processes and assembly.

For more information and to apply click here.

We have a mass of cool design and engineering jobs ready and waiting for you - Click here to browse through for your new career!


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Inventor 2012: Form Edit with Inventor Fusion

Published 27 June 2011

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: design, industrial design, autodesk inventor, proengineer, spaceclaim, synchronous technology, inventor fusion, direct modelling

I’ve spent the last few months since it shipped working with Inventor on a wee modelling project to dig into the latest release of Autodesk‘s flagship product. While our role as a magazine is to get readers up to speed with not only what’s in these systems, it’s also to give them a use case. While this corner of internet’s been mildly abuzz with talk of how direct modelling is the next big thing, one of the things you don’t often see is a use case.

Fusion has been tagged with that Direct Modelling flag, but looking at a couple of workflows, it’s clear that it holds much more than just pushpulldragdropsurface. One of those in the Form Editing tool. This allows you to grab a geometry and edit control points on the edges to create the form you require. For those that are used to tools with heavy surface modelling, this might seem pretty basic, but for those that are new to surfacing, it’s worth exploring.

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Prime Cuts: Beat the Burn

Published 23 June 2011

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: prime cuts, university, student design, degree show

With all the student degree shows taking place at the moment and with the New Designers event just around the corner, we thought that this week’s instalment of Prime Cuts should be from a product design student.

Bradley Wherry, an Industrial Design & Technology BA student from Brunel University, has created sunglasses as part of a campaign, Beat the Burn, to raise awareness about the dangers involved in over exposure to the sun. The frames change colour to indicate the strength of the sun’s UV rays and to remind users to head for cover or apply sunscreen.

At Brunel, final year students set their own briefs that tackle a particular problem. Wherry, having grown up in Jersey and spending a lot of his childhood on the beach, remembers how easy it was to get burnt. So, he settled on the problem of sunburn.

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Mother Lode of new jobs from Mamas & Papas

Published 22 June 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Designers and Engineers - Mamas & Papas

Once again those fine people at Mamas & Papas have returned to DEVELOP3D Jobs to help it recruit another glut of designers and engineers.

The positions include:

Designer - 9 month contract

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Industrial/Product Designer

Design Engineer

Jump the link to our jobs pages to find the full selection, plus a whole lot more.

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Autodesk’s new cloud collaboration tool get’s manly title

Published 21 June 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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I like to imagine the heads of software companies at the moment when they’re trying to think of a name for their latest product.

Men in bad suits all perched around a boardroom table in a cloud of cigarette smoke, like something from a ‘60s Cold War crisis meeting, barking out gritty, masculine product titles.

Nitrous is up there with the best of them [we’d like to hear any of your suggestions], and Autodesk got it first with its latest cloud-based collaboration service for design files (2D and 3D DWF fact-fans).

Despite it’s jacked-up title the description of what it does sounds like one of the many cloud-based storage sites that have popped up in the last year or so, although Autodesk are keen to point out its strong points.

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