Designing a workstation - interview with Dell’s design team

Published 30 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, dell, workstations, precision

The new Precision T7600 has been completely designed from the ground up as a workstation. This is unusual for Dell who typically adapts chassis from other products.

“Internally the chassis before [Dell Precision T7500] was identical to an XPS of the same period,” says Ken Musgrave, responsible for ‘experience design’ on the new Dell Precision workstations. “Different outsides, identical insides. It was a leveraged chassis.”

Starting with a completely blank slate, one of the key design elements of the new Precision was the front grill (bezel). This is a highly functional element, but also gives the box its identity.

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Sculpteo expands its 3D printing services using the Cloud

Published 27 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: 3d printing, rapid prototyping, dassault systemes, dassault systèmes, eos, zcorp, sculpteo

Online 3D printing bureau Sculpteo has expanded its wares, both for commercial and hobbyist users, with the launch of its new ‘white label’ service for online stores, and a printing app for Apple mobile devices.

Both these services seem to stem from the recent partnership with Dassault Systèmes to help fine-tune the process with the e-tailers, designers, customers, and 3D-printing factories using its cloud-based service, aiming to make the process as easy and intuitive as ‘what PayPal did for online payments’.

Using its Cloud Engine, the ‘white label’ service means businesses and online shops can provide 3D printed goods under their own branding, while integrating the Sculpteo service into their website and for customers to create customised 3D printed objects, with Sculpteo operating ‘behind the scenes’ to take care of the manufacturing and delivery.

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Prime Cuts: Living well with dementia

Published 25 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, medical, design council, health, dementia

The Buddiband, designed to help its user stay active and safe

Winning ideas from a competition to help care for sufferers of dementia have been unveiled, including a fragrance-release system designed to stimulate appetite, and an intelligent wristband that supports staying active safely.

The competition has been a joint venture between the Department of Health and the Design Council to drive innovation, with potential to make a big difference for people with dementia and their families.

A consequence of an ageing population is a threefold increase in dementia over the past twenty years, meaning many millions of people who need new products and services designed to meet their changing needs.

Ode, a fragrance-release system designed to stimulate appetite

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Let battle commence - Cut&Paste is back in Blighty

Published 25 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, competition, london, cut&paste;

Our favourite designer v designer, gladiatorial kerfuffle returns to London Town tonight (26 April), as Cut&Paste struts brashly into Ye Olde England to offer up another place at it’s Global Championship.

The digital design contest features entrants in 2D, 3D and motion/animation categories - in the case of 3D, contestants are given a brief, each designer creates a single, static 3D digital model during the 20-minute round and one rendered 2D image immediately after the round.

It’s excellent for spectators too, as each designer has their work screened on a big screen above their head; between competitions there’s a chance to see the latest kit from its sponsors (a very rare HP Z1 workstation will be on show), and there’s a bar. We’ll be heading down to check it out at Village Underground.

For more information on tickets and entry, visit

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PTC Introduces New Global Event Series

Published 25 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: ptc, aston martin, techforum, wrightbus

PTC is bringing PTCLive TechForum 2012 to the UK for a free one-day event that offers the opportunity to meet with product experts, learn from other leading customers, sample PTC University training and networking.

The new global event series will be held at Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwickshire on 16 May will include talks by Bang & Olufsen, Aston Martin Racing and Wrightbus (the developers of the New Bus for London), as well as PTC’s corporate strategy and technology roadmap, and sessions delivered by PTC experts.

“PTC has designed this new global event series to deliver real business value to delegates,” exclaimed a fervid Kevin Asbridge, PTC UK country manager. “We look forward to bringing the concept to the UK on 16 May, to deliver the new PTC company strategy, latest developments with Creo 2.0 and Windchill 10.1 and, most importantly, help delegates identify specific business potential.”

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Job of the week: Alias 3D CAD modeller - For People

Published 25 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: jobs, alias, job of the week, maya, british airways, for people

Middle Weight Alias 3D CAD modeller

Job Type: Permanent
Software: Alias, Maya, Adobe After-Effects
Location: London

London-based For People are looking for an expert Middle Weight Alias 3D CAD modeller with 2-5 years consultancy experience to join its team of designers and trend-forecasters. You will be working with some of the world’s most respected brands such as British Airways (For People were responsible for refreshing its coat of arms, above), Panasonic, Mars and The Coca-Cola Company.

Your primary responsibilities will be to:
• Work collaboratively with senior designers
• Translate concept sketches into compelling 3D models
• Contribute to all stages of the design development process from concept modelling, design detailing and producing accurate 3D data for model making and visualisations
• Follow latest trends, materials and production processes.

Ideal candidate:
• Advanced 3D modelling skills in Autodesk Alias
• Excellent knowledge of creating high quality surfaces
• Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
• 3D rendering and animation skills in Cinema4D, V-Ray or Maya
• Polygon modelling skills in Cinema4D or Maya

Sound like the job for you? Apply here.

If you have a vacancy that you are wanting to fill, get in touch here

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Smash somethin’! Modern car safety through better design

Published 24 April 2012

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: simulation, automotive, ford, fea, crash test, b-max

The B-Max survives a battering from a 30mph crash test

Recently we crept away to Germany, to a secretive patch of Ford’s Merkenich test site, into a quiet, compact building, where we were promised we’d see how the manufacturer crash tests its new models.

In the modern age, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) means there’s so much more to it than driving a car into a solid object, but even we were surprised at the extent of the testing - something that European car manufacturers alone spend €20 billion on - and how it fits seamlessly into the full design process.

Integrated into the design are measures for pre- and post-crash, as well as the actual collision, for which the designers of the new Ford B-Max have packed in some brilliant features, especially since the car has no standard B-pillar - the structural beam that during a side on collision you would rely on to save your life - and how it creates an intelligent system to counter this.

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