Job of the week: Mechanical Design Engineer - Transport Research Laboratory

Published 05 June 2013

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Mechanical Design Engineer - TRL - Crowthorne

Job Type: Permanent
Software Packages: AutoCAD, Solid Edge
Location: Crowthorne, Berkshire

TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, is seeking an exceptional individual with a range of technical, project and people skills to work within its engineering design team.

They will be responsible for an entire engineering programme from specification and design, to build, test and final sign off.

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Miniature heroes to play it out in 3D Print Cup

Published 04 June 2013

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Organisers of the 3D Print Cup are wanting you to design your ultimate action hero, in return they’ll print out your creation, and enter it into a fight to the death where the winner will receive a MakerBot 3D printer.

The team are also hosting a launch party on 13 June, complete with a free bar and a drop-in session so you can trial the technology. All entries must be submitted in full before 27 June.

All your hard work will culminate in a bad-ass awards-cum-networking event on 11 July, which will determine the most deserving winners, and put their powers to the test in an old-skool ‘Top Trumps’ style tournament played with cards made from the collective entries.

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How to get noticed at a graduate degree show

Published 03 June 2013

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Want to stand out among all this lot?

Rushing to finish off your final year university project? Then work fast, but don’t forget that graduate shows are your window of opportunity.

Graduate degree shows are already being prepared, with none bigger than the gathering of some of the UK’s best design talents at New Designers on 3 - 6 July, at the Business Design Centre, London. 

Today we’re offering up some advice for exhibitors to get the most from the show, the experience and the potential employers.

1. The pitch

The rather broad line between not speaking to the people looking at your work, to reeling off your life story - getting your ‘sales’ pitch honed can make the difference between appearing uninterested/annoying and prospective employers handing you a job interview. The number of industry figures that were grumbling about graduates paying no attention to passing attendees, and instead sitting around watching their iPads, was at an all-time murmuring high last year.

- Work on creating a concise, brief explanation of your work, processes you’ve used and inspirations
- Be friendly, approachable, and greet everyone that shows a flicker of interest in your work, or even that of an absent colleague
- Ask questions and be enthusiastic. The show is long, the building is an oven, but look and act as fresh as you can manage!

- Expect your body of work to say everything about you - it doesn’t
- Don’t go overboard explaining your project in minute detail to a person (unless they’re ridiculously interested)

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