Is IOT next for Dassault Systèmes? Report from London 3DExperience Forum

Published 11 June 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Yup, the compass is back in town

Far from being the future of exciting Dassault Systèmes news, yesterday’s 3DExperience Forum left us little the wiser as to what it was exactly that they wanted to tell us.

We did however take away enough information from the first session to make some neat little guesses about the company’s outlook as it seemingly cosies up to embracing the Cloud.

First, an intelligent keynote session by engineer Claudia Olsson, who is lucky enough to work at the Singularity University, explained how the future of technology and design is moving at a rate of knots.

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GAES produces bespoke hearing aids in inner city CNC factory

Published 11 June 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: cnc machining, haas automation, gaes, hearing aid, microson

GAES CNC machines the intricate tooling for its bespoke products

At a time when the world is embracing 3D printing as the ‘bespoke’ manufacturing tool of choice, and in an industry where the vast majority of the products are 3D printed already, GAES has gone a different route.

The company, based in a five-storey office block in central Barcelona, uses its basement rapid CNC-machining facility to mill moulds and dies for the thousands of hearing aids it produces annually.

Its Microson brand produces six different types of hearing aid, and is continually developing the designs in order to make them smaller and less obtrusive.

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Klax axe head - how much can you pack into a product?

Published 10 June 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: design, 3d printing, manufacture, makerbot, kickstarter, outdoors, axe, survival, klax, water jet

You attach the axe head to a standard handle, or one found in the great outdoors

Outdoorsmen of the world, summer is already here and you are expected to be wading your soul waste deep in a forest of wilderness, survival and testosterone.

Or simply growing a beard and wincing as the smoke from your badly lit barbecue stings your eyes. Poor baby.

Fear not, if you wish to compensate for your lack of Ray Mears-esque bushcraft and survival knowledge you can always buy the kit to make it look like you know your beans - such as the Klax axe head.

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Clean up your act: 3D printing post processing equipment

Published 09 June 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: 3d printing, post processing, quill, wash station, ruwac

Get some pro-level help cleaning your 3D printed models

Rough weekend? Find yourself waking up in a Japanese family’s rec room? Well you need help my friend, but not as much as people trying to clean up their 3D prints.

The post processing of parts and models is a key part of the whole 3D printing shebang - something we covered earlier this year in our 3D printing for professionals special (still available for free download).

It’s unglamorous, dusty, possibly even toxic, it causes delays and bottle necks in the development and production of parts, so as a result there’s a lovely little sideline of companies solving the problems and speeding up the workflow for a variety of machines and processes.

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Intel Core i7-4790K promises big performance boost for CAD

Published 03 June 2014

Posted by Greg Corke

Article tagged with: workstation, intel, cpu, overclocking, haswell

Intel’s new unlocked 4th gen Intel Core processor codenamed ‘Devil’s Canyon’

Intel’s new ‘Haswell’-based Core i7 desktop processor has broken the 4GHz barrier, a speed that was only previously achievable with overclocking.

The Core i7-4790K will ship with a 4.0GHz base clock speed and a Turbo of 4.4 GHz, a full 500MHz increase over the Core i7-4770K that it replaces.

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Just three weeks until the National Women in Engineering Day - how to get involved

Published 02 June 2014

Posted by Tanya Weaver

Article tagged with: women in engineering, wes, women in science and engineering, female engineers, national women in engineering day

Here at Develop3D we like to champion our female engineers

In just three weeks on 23 June it’s the National Women in Engineering Day (NWED), organised by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) to celebrate its 95th anniversary.

The idea behind NWED is to encourage all groups (governmental, educational, corporate, professional engineering institutions and other organisations) to organise their own events in support of the day.

One of SolidWorks resellers, NT CADCAM, is getting involved in the celebration by teaming up with Wiltshire College, which is supported by the Engineering Innovation Network – South West (EIN-SW), to launch a Dragon’s Den style competition exclusively for women.

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