PTC announce Creo 3.0: now accepting all major 3D CAD data

Published 18 June 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Aiming to delight the crowds at its global user event, PTC has announced the latest version of its Creo 3D CAD software, available in early 2015, offering improved performance and a list of new features.

From it’s Boston heartland it revealed that its key design tool will now feature AnyData Adoption, allowing for data migration from other major CAD software packages without the need to create new CAD files.

Not a duplicate file, the new technology allows the native data to be worked on as Creo models.

“Its capabilities are easy to manage, they’re incredibly powerful, and they’ll be available to all of you with this upcoming release. We’re pretty excited,” said PTC vice president Mike Campbell from the stage of PTC Live Global.

This sounds like a promising addition for any company trying to work collaboratively with customers using various different CAD systems, but could also help PTC stop the shift away of current clients should they feel the need to change due to a customer adjusting its software strategy.

Meanwhile, it is hopeful that this will allow current customers using various CAD programmes to assimilate them into the PTC workflow and encourage total adoption of the platform.

Elsewhere, improvements to the user interface and existing concept design toolset were announced, plus some new 2D design elements.

Improved 3D design looks to be aided with Design Exploration Extension, which should allow for the designer to look at different design concepts using ‘checkpoints’ to periodically save as you go along and swiftly switch between variants.


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