OpenCL support added to NX Nastran - simulation with a GPU

Published 20 June 2014

Posted by Greg Corke

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Performance benefits of a GPU over 24 CPU cores can be significant

Siemens has added OpenCL (Open Compute Language) support to NX Nastran in the 9.1 release of its integrated simulation software tool.

This means users can now use CPUs, GPUs (AMD FirePro and Nvidia Tesla) and Intel’s Xeon Phi co-processor, which features Intel’s MIC (Many Integrated Core) architecture to accelerate engineering simulations.

OpenCL in NX Nastran 9.1 is a ‘prototype’ implementation that can be tested without an additional license. It is currently limited to Linux (not Windows) and only with certain modules of NX Nastran: the DCMP module for matrix decomposition and the FRRD1 module for frequency response computations.

Performance benefits over multi-core workstations are said to be most beneficial with larger models. We expect support for more modules and Windows to come with NX Nastran 10.

NX Nastran 9.1 supports a broad range of OpenCL compatible, double precision capable, PCI Express cards


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