Design + Engineering Software Reviews - 2014 so far

Published 12 August 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Check out our 2014 software reviews - including the latest updates to Autodesk Fusion 360

Here at DEVELOP3D we pride ourselves on our independent reviews - and boy do we cover a wide range of CAD, CAM, visualisation and even 3D printing software.

2014 has seen some great releases, and some interesting updates, so it’s probably a good time to catch up on what’s available now before the Autumn brings news of future releases.

Autodesk Fusion 360

“When you consider the development cycle that Autodesk’s Fusion 360 offering has been through, it’s quite remarkable”

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HDR Light Studio 4.0

“HDR Light Studio takes renders to the next level,  stepping up your lighting game”

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PTC Creo 3.0

“If ever there was a time to look at the system, now would be it, as it’s maturing nicely”

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Power Shape Pro 2014

“The last few release cycles have seen more and more capability to mix not only solids and surfaces, but also polygon meshes, point clouds and much more”

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Solid Edge ST7

“A solid, reliable tool to assist with not only building and documenting design and engineering work, but also one that has links to other workflows and requirements that are part of the process”

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Luxion Keyshot 5

“Perhaps the biggest highlight, particularly for those working with large datasets, is the ability to work with NURBS data as well as tessellated meshes”

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Autodesk Inventor 2015

“Autodesk has the balance of maintenance and improvement just about perfect, but it might take a couple more releases until the housework is finally caught up with and they have a platform ready for some real innovation”

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Delcam PowerMill 2014

“PowerMill is always pushing the limits of what can be achieved with state of the art machine tools, but also, and arguably more importantly, allows machinists to work with their existing tools more efficiently”

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Edgecam 2014

“With its reputation built as a standalone application that has close links with CAD systems, Edgecam is expanding into new areas”

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Ansys Workbench 15

“Workbench provides a single interface to all of Ansys’ tools. From the classic structural tools to the various CFD solvers and technologies it has access to and the more special purpose technologies”

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SpaceClaim 2014 SP1

“SpaceClaim is looking to bring new thinking to the design workflow — and that’s always worth discussing in depth”

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Materialise Magics 18

“Developed over the last 17 releases by Belgian wizards of all things 3D printing, Materialise, it’s become the de facto standard for those at the business end of 3D printing”

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“Lagoa only launched last April and it’s clearly early days. That said it looks promising”

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Great start, don't forget to add enterprise viz tools like Deltagen and VRED

Posted by cautious on 12 August 2014 at 01:15 PM

Cautious! VRED is coming up soon. Spending some time getting familiar with it before I start writing it up Deltagen, honestly, not likely to happen any time soon. We could rehash a press release but that's not constructive Al

Posted by Al dean on 13 August 2014 at 02:42 AM

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