Direct editing STL files for engineering models enhanced by Materialise 3-maticSTL 9.0

Published 06 August 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Using 3-matic, 3D texturing can be applied directly to the STL file, giving flexibility to quickly change and preview 3D textured components without having to go back to traditional 3D CAD tools.

Belgian 3D printing behemoth Materialise has just announced the launch of version 9.0 of its 3-maticSTL tool that allows for fast design modification, simplification, 3D texturing, and more on the STL level.

Designs can be stripped back to lightweight structures to lower weight without compromising on strength or allow to variable flexibility and rigidness within a part, to split or group components, and generally speed up the time taken creating models designed for physical testing.

Without having to take designs back to creative CAD tools, users can prepare data for a quick and efficient finite element analysis; design or repair missing or badly scanned components; efficiently create textures, perforations and patterns straight to the STL data.

A potential workflow for using 3-maticSTL 9.0

Already a favourite among the professional 3D printing industry for its Magics software, Materialise’s 3-maticSTL is aimed at high-end users of all industries a means to get the most from their scaled 3D printed models - automotive wind tunnel testing for example - and will be available through Altair’s HyperWorks CAE platform later this year.

For automotive users, it allows them to quickly form iterations of designs for wind tunnel testing, print them, add any clay or other materials, then once tested and with the data scanned back in, can reprint and retest without having to go back into the original complex CAD data and simplify it for 3D printing once again.


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