HP Launch Live: Multi-Jet Fusion, ‘10-times faster 3D Printing’, and Sprout scanner/projector combo

Published 29 October 2014

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Today HP launched MultiJet Fusion 3D printing, and its Sprout hardware

HP has finally unveiled its new 3D printing technology for industry - ‘10 times faster than technology that’s already out there’, partly thanks to its giant, single-pass, ‘pagewide’ printhead technology.

Powder-based, the process places 350 million, 21 micron drops of binder onto each layer with each print pass, forming full colour parts.

Also launched was the company’s Sprout hardware, a 5-in-1 device that sits over and above a computer monitor, that houses a scanner/projector that also acts as a mouse/keyboard/touchpad, allowing you to manipulate documents on both the monitor desktop, and the physical one in front of you.

The HP product launch as it happened:

2.27pm - Sales experience will be ‘curated’ - Sprout will be on sale from 9 November, in time for the Holidays

2.24pm - Wish I’d bought another Double Decker :-(

2.20pm - Some videos of creatives using Sprout for various purposes… They’re creative. They don’t like tech, ya get me? But Sprout lets them work in a digital medium, but in an analog manner. You get it? Good.

2.18pm - What the boss man said. He’s right you know.

2.15pm - Software Apps specifically for Sprout - including Skype, Evernote, and, umm, Martha Stewart… Developers can get cracking right after the event.

2.13pm - Some back slapping for Brad The Engineer who made Sprout possible - much deserved.

2.12pm - Remote collaboration - video conference on the vertical screens, exact same changes made on the projected desk.

2.11pm - Five devices in one (Scanner/projector/mouse/keyboard/touchpad).

2.10pm - ‘Who are the creators? 57 per cent of the population by number’.

2.08pm - A nice video showing lots of hands-on manipulation of documents, no keyboard or mouse to be seen. Touchscreen monitors are still persevered with…

2.03pm - It’s Sprout! A strange sort of monitor stand with a scanner and projector built in. Are keyboards and touch screens a thing of the past now?

2.02pm - ‘To unlock the power of 3D printing we need simpler means of producing content’... A scanner? Go on? Tell us you’ve got a scanner?

2pm - And with that, it’s over from the 3D printing side of things. Although we are expecting another product, so hang on…

1.59pm - Colour is ready out of the box, which for now we’ll assume is multi-colours in a single part because of the process. Material properties like different textures will be developed down the line

1.57pm - Shapeways CEO is now on stage, talking about the sensitivity of price - even small price discounts see increases in its customers

1.55pm - The machine’s up on stage, not a bad looking thing - curvy

1.52pm - Autodesk’s Carl Bass is going to be on stage, and Terry Wohlers, talking about the direction of 3D printing.

1.51pm - Hints that it’ll be open source, so others can develop materials for it

1.50pm - We weren’t too wide back of the mark back in June

1.47pm - 350 million drops per second, 21 micron precision

1.46pm - It’s powder-based, with page-wide distributed layering - a massive single sweeping printhead.

1.45pm - ‘10x faster prints, increased quality prints, and cost effective.’

1.44pm - If you’re playing the ‘Industrial Revolution’ drinking game, then you’ll have fell off your stool by now.

1.43pm - Change of hosts… too slow to take his name, so I’ll just carry on like this didn’t happen… He seems like a big deal though.

1.42pm - ‘2D printing expertise into 3D printing… it’s MULTI JET FUSION’

1.39pm - Now another video, I can feel the tension building above the piano riffs. It’s the concept of Blended Reality.

1.37pm - “Today’s 3D printing is slow”... come on… show us it…!

1.35pm - “Human hands have powered human growth”. Don’t think they’re going to launch new hands though.

1.34pm - Concept = ‘blended reality’ - two new products being announced today!

1.33pm - The company is looking to the future - which categories are HP going to enter? This is just coquettish teasing…

1.31pm - A brief history lesson, a reference to the business splitting into two, and some general chit-chat… It’s not quite the moon landings yet.

1.30pm - We’re off. Some video about a kid who’s lost his iguana is rolling.

1.28pm - Can’t wait any longer, the Double Decker is out of the wrapper. Other chocolate bars are available.

1.26pm - Take your seats…

1.24pm - The funky background music is something truly to behold. It’s like Masters At Work started doing lift music…

1.17pm - Welcome to the party, it’s a bit like watching the moon landings this, knowing that elsewhere there are copious journalists and bloggers sacrificing a decent lunch hour of the sake of covering a new hardware release.

We’ve ran the tests, have logged into the HP live-cast and are ready to rumble.

Oh. And we’re eating a lunch of champions, so please don’t mind the chewing/drooling sounds.

1.15pm - In case you haven’t heard the buzz, HP will shortly be webcasting it’s new, secretive hardware - which everyone is hiding out hopes will be a new 3D printer for industrial use.

There’s a chance that we’ll still be left waiting following this, but - fingers crossed - we’ll have some idea of the direction HP is heading in.


Wooow! finally one of the big printer manufacturers has taken the leap to 3d printers. What news could this spell for traditional 3d printer vendors down the long road? Will HP just end up failing? It'll be interesting.

Posted by Kevin De Smet on 31 October 2014 at 08:50 AM

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