Autodesk A360 unveils refreshed UI and enhanced features

Published 28 October 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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A new UI heads-up the refresh for A360

Having collected feedback from designers, project managers and other users who utilise A360 for project collaboration, Autodesk has introduced an ‘enhanced user experience’ within its collaborative tool.

Focussed on a new user interface, it centers on design and project data and simplifies creation and management of data for users working in a team environment, with enhanced search, viewing, sharing and reviewing are now front-and-center in the new interface. 

Design data is displayed in rich formats and users can be navigated easier through the design hierarchy, while improved data overview and immersive views have been streamlined, so to be easier to navigate, and optimised for design workflows.

Improved data overview and immersive views have been streamlined

Users can communicate and get feedback from project stakeholders in real-time, allowing multiple users to join a share-session to synchronously review a design on any device with no software to install.

Finally, new direct access to cloud storage in A360 allows users to connect and upload files from Dropbox directly into A360, which should prove an improvement to productivity and streamlining collaboration for users.

The new direct link to Dropbox


What continually fails to impress me with A360, is the on going lack of markup tools to properly review models and importantly drawings, across multiple platforms and devices. Autodesk appear to be missing the fact that design review of drawings is a huge part of the design process. Instead they are prioritizing design feeds and live reviews. Autodesk Design Review still runs rings around A360 for review tasks... as a result A360 is significantly inferior, despite all the 'cool factor' features. Which is a real shame, they should be starting with the basics and building from there.

Posted by Scott on 28 October 2015 at 11:51 AM

When you mention drawings you mean 2D drawings/draft right? Or something else. What do you have in mind regarding drawings review btw. I don't work for AD but I use their products often so I'm curious on your opinion and views

Posted by O.Tan on 29 October 2015 at 05:06 PM

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