New dolly trolley design looks benefit airlines by £400 each

Published 03 November 2015

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: 3d printing, aerospace, model making, ogle model & prototypes

Helping serve you cheap booze and the environment. Win win.

A new 30 per cent lighter duty free trolly could make a fuel saving of up to £400 per year, per trolley, providing airlines with a vital carbon offset and safer flights.

Designers of the trolly, Flightweight, have fitted it out with additional technology, such as an electronic, multi-point lock and security seal, replacing the cable ties which airline staff currently use to stop pesky scallywags nicking booze, while helping record actual sales.

The casing is also built using lightweight, flax-based composite FibriRock, a pioneering new material that is aerospace approved and 98 per cent recyclable, and is easier to repair than current trollies, with a modular design meaning each individual panel can be taken out and replaced easily.

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