Creo 4.0 Advanced Rendering powered by KeyShot render technology

Published 24 November 2016

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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The visualisation power of KeyShot is now integrated into Creo 4.0

The upcoming release of Creo 4.0 will give users of Advanced Rendering (ARX) a new interactive real-time experience in the creation of product visuals - which will be powered by Luxion’s KeyShot render technology.

Through the new solution, users can take advantage of a product visual workflow starting within the PTC Creo interface while supporting KeyShot materials and direct import to KeyShot.

Creo 4.0 looks to offer users a more streamlined creation of product visual content with greater realism and faster results than ever before. All visualization settings defined in the model will be automatically saved and can easily be leveraged by other users.

In addition, Creo ARX users with standalone versions of KeyShot can seamlessly transfer their models and visualization settings through the integrated LiveLinking Technology.

Once successfully transferred, users can utilize KeyShot’s advanced material editing, HDRI editing and creation using the patented HDRI-Editor, Animation, KeyShotVRTM, and Network Rendering capabilities.

Through the real-time render view within Creo 4.0 ARX, users now have the ability to:
-  Apply physically accurate materials to parts and see the changes instantly
-  Apply textures and labels to parts quickly and easily
-  Apply environment lighting to view models in real-world lighting conditions
-  Set up unlimited camera views to quickly create a range of product shots
-  Continue design and geometry changes while viewing models with materials and lighting applied
-  Continue working on designs at a later date with materials and environment already defined
-  Transfer the scenes to KeyShot and continue working with advanced tools to create images for web, sales and marketing.

“PTC has an incredible focus on delivering the best design software with the strongest capabilities to their customers,” say Claus Wann Jensen, CEO and Co-founder at Luxion. “With our longstanding collaboration, Luxion is proud to be part of this focus, providing new capabilities to PTC Creo users in elevating the quality of their product visuals.”

“PTC is excited about the collaboration with Luxion and the launch of our new advanced rendering capa- bilities powered by the industry leading rendering software, Keyshot.” says Paul Sager, VP Product Man- agement at PTC. “Users will now have an unmatched rendering experience allowing faster creation of product imagery throughout the product development cycle.”


This is what SolidWorks should have done. Not take the junk Bunkspeed instead. SolidWorks also need to buy PowerSurfacing from nPower and integrate it ASAP or lose hard to Autodesk with T-Splines.

Posted by Paul Russell on 24 November 2016 at 12:37 PM

i like this a lot, but you'll have to buy the ARX extension or you'll still be stuck with the old creo rendering interface (which is a complete nightmare). Keyshot it the greatest rendering software ever, I have been using their (animation) extension in Creo for years and their intuitive interface and support is just excellent, the software guys at PTC can learn A LOT from them!

Posted by bjp on 29 November 2016 at 05:07 PM

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