SolidThinking launches Envision 4.0, its latest tool for IoT data analytics

Published 17 February 2017

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Envision 4.0, the newest feature release of SolidThinking’s data analytics platform, has been described by the company as ‘feature-rich across the board’, making it ‘more capable, refined and easy to use’.

With several new functions added for internet of things (IoT) and industrial analytics, aspects such as real time data refresh gives the option to visualise dashboards for synced up IoT products.

The goal is to offer users fast free-form data exploration, visualisation and analytics, in a scalable model on an open architecture.

Key updates:

Smart Joins
To help business users easily combine data from multiple sources, Envision 4.0 introduces Smart Joins to combine multiple data sources without the need to understand the nuances of classical SQL joins. This powerful capability of joining multiple fact tables along multiple dimensions should allow users to plot metrics from multiple data sources on a single chart.

Multi-level Aggregation
In addition to the standard aggregation/rollup (SUM, MIN, AVG, STD, etc.) functions, advanced aggregation capabilities enable user to roll data to level “A” using a certain aggregation function, and then further rollup to level “B” using a different aggregation function. The aggregation dimension path is picked up from the charts’ aggregation levels to help simplify usage.

Envision’s real-time data refresh via user specified refresh time interval or via a Rest API notification support several IoT use cases. This real-time experience is expanded to enable a collaborative realisation of analytical projects by a team. The changes to the reports, dashboards and charts are synced up in real-time across all active authors and viewers.

Admin Tools and Connectors
Envision 4.0 strengthens the cloud, on-premises and embedded capabilities required by Enterprises and ISVs. These capabilities include the ability to schedule reports, receive notifications upon data refresh, additional O-Auth based authentication option, big data support for Apache Spark and connector.

Elsewhere a comprehensive redesign of user, data, services, security and app management should also make admin tasks easier.

“Users will immediately see an enhanced user experience,” commented Yeshwant Mummaneni, Sr. VP analytics.

“In addition, with version 4.0 we focused on strengthening the platform with core enhancements that include smart joins, targeted filtering and multi-level aggregations.”


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