Traders on Shopify get access to 1.5 million professional 3D designers via CG Traders deal

Published 06 November 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Shopify’s e-commerce platform customers, online retailers that sell everything from jewellery to headphones, will now have easy access to 3D modeling and Augmented Reality (AR) versions of their products.

The deal with online 3D model marketplace CG Trader, will give the retailers access to over 1.5 million professional 3D modellers, as Shopify predicts a new ‘3D shopping experience’ expected to replace the current 2D format within a few years.

“Companies like Shopify are 11 times more likely to sell an item or a product that has an Augmented Reality experience,” said CGTrader CEO and co-founder Dalia Lasaite.

“This fact is very significant for the mobile e-commerce market, which according to Statista is expected to generate some $3.56 billion in 2021, a year when it is expected to make up almost three quarters of e-commerce sales”

The integration with CG Trader looks to help businesses turn their products into a 3D visual format using the latest 3D modeling and AR technologies, while the Shopify store owners do not need any technical knowledge of 3D design to get a high quality 3D model that is guaranteed to work in AR apps

“At Shopify, we’re committed to making the incredible business potential unlocked by augmented reality more accessible for small businesses,” said Daniel Beauchamp, Shopify head of virtual and augmented reality. “That’s why we’ve built a services marketplace to help our merchants create 3D models of their products.”

Shopify believes that the increase in web-powered AR - such as Apple’s recent announcement of AR Quick Look enabling 3D models to be viewable in AR directly through the Safari browser on iOS 12 devices - will drastically increase the amount of experiences readily available to the everyday shopper through mobile browsers, without the need for a separate mobile app or headsets.

According to Lasaite CGTrader can help Shopify leverage high quality 3D modeling, explaining: “We have a strong and highly specialised 3D design community, and therefore our team can find the perfect designer for any product.

“All in all, AR greatly increases user engagement, brings your products to life, and lets customers really make sure they want a product before they purchase.”


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