Altair acquires DEM Solutions for discrete element analysis

Published 08 November 2019

Posted by Al Dean

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Following on from SimSolid and Polliwog recently, it looks like Altair’s acquisition spree isn’t over yet. The company has just announced its acquisition of DEM Solutions, developers of EDEM. EDEM, if you’ve not come across it before, allows you to accurately simulate discrete elements within a study, rather than using a more singular set of element meshes.

This allows the accurate simulation of a wide variant of activities processes, but it has really found a home in studying the interaction between pellets, tablets, powders, coal, soil and rocks within machinery. Whether that’s a potato sorting machine, a pill coating process of excavation of gravel at the road side.

This systems-level simulation capability will, according to the press release “provide critical insights for optimizing machinery design, material handling and manufacturing efficiency in a broad spectrum of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing, agriculture and heavy engineering such as mining. With this acquisition, Altair customers now have the ability to design and develop power machinery while simultaneously optimising how this equipment processes and handles bulk materials.”

“Altair continues to broaden our solution portfolio to offer our customers the best software stack in the business,” said James Scapa, Altair’s chief executive officer and founder. “With DEM Solutions, we will expand into DEM, helping our customers improve their business operations and productivity through this holistic system view.”

“We are thrilled to join the ranks of such a globally relevant and growing software player,” said Ian Williamson, chief executive officer of DEM Solutions. “The possibilities to scale our solutions by integrating them with Altair’s broad physics solver portfolio alongside their deep technical bench is incredibly exciting.”


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