Stratasys Direct Manufacturing adopts Velo3D’s QA control system for AM

Published 06 November 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Assure, Velo3D’s quality assurance and control system software for 3D metal printing has announced Stratasys Direct Manufacturing (SDM) as its first customer.

Assure offers to give the substantiation of part quality needed for volume production: detecting process anomalies, flagging them and highlighting the corrective actions required so errors are not repeated.

This is done through real-time, multi-sensor, physics-based detection algorithms, letting Assure deliver traceability of part quality and flags process anomalies as soon as they occur.

Vero3D says that SDM began working with on Assure testing soon after they acquired the company’s Sapphire 3D printer earlier in the year.

“Stratasys Direct has built a culture of continuous improvement that means we are continually setting new standards for our industry on quality,” said SDM CEO Kent Firestone.

“We integrated Assure into our quality control workflow because it produces highly actionable insights. The user interface features intuitive graphs and charts that enable us to see and interpret the vast amount of data collected during builds.

“This information helps our engineers verify the quality of the build each step of the way, and enables them to make quick decisions in the event of an issue. Assure helps us reduce production variation, improve yields, and circumvent anomalies to ensure consistent additive manufacturing.”


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