Paramatters CogniCAD 3.0 ‘doubles speed’ for high performance parts optimised for 3D printing

Published 16 December 2019

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Paramatters’ flagship generative design software has seen upgrades that reportedly double its speed, as well as adding a host of new tools and features

ParaMatters has launched the third full version of its complete end-to-end design-to-additive manufacturing solution platform, CogniCAD 3.0

CogniCAD 3.0 starts with computer-generated design or automated reverse engineering, while new features mean users can also ask the platform to discover the most optimal print orientation for their geometry and algorithmically generate support structures.

Both are done automatically for polymers and metals as a ‘one-click’ solution, while also simulating the manufacturing metal AM process before actual manufacturing to identify process failures before production occurs.

Generative design is expected to have huge potential in designing elements like high performing heat sinks - and as a result CongniCAD 3.0 now includes thermal simulation

New features include:
Mechanical Topology Optimisation - Enhanced design capabilities that consider statics, vibrations and includes more robust features compared to the previous version
Heat Conduction Topology Optimisation – For the design of passive cooling devices, like sink structures for electronics, automotive, aerospace and other applications - paving the way for future multi-physics generative design
Reverse Engineering - Includes mesh healing and conversion to solid CAD models
Design of Supports Structures and Optimization of Print Orientation – Novel proprietary machine learning-based approach to fully automate design support structures and find optimal 3D build orientation
Metal AM Simulation – Finite-element simulation of metal additive manufacturing process, powered by software partner AdditiveLab

“At ParaMatters, we are building a game-changing collaborative platform that is freeing up talented engineers and creative designers to do their best work and get it done faster by flipping the traditional role between software and engineers throughout the design process,“ said co-founder and CTO of ParaMatters, Michael Bogomolny.

“We are showcasing how CogniCAD is delivering the very functionality that product companies seek to speed up their design and manufacturing cycles and enhance their products’ performance and differentiation.”


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