Peel 3D launch Scan-to-CAD offering

Published 07 January 2020

Posted by Al Dean

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There are a wealth of cost effective 3D scanners available these days, from depth sensor-based solutions to more accurate, higher resolution devices from the likes of Shining3d’s EinScan (which we took a look at recently).

One vendor that’s at the more advanced end of the spectrum is Canadian Peel 3D and its range of hand-held 3D scanners.

The company has just announced its new offering that combines its Peel 2 scanner with a new set of software, which allows you to push your scan data into your CAD system of choice, including Solidworks, Inventor and Creo, in a bundle called Peel 2 CAD.

As ever, the vendor promises a “four step breeze” of a process – scan, mesh, extract your entities and surfaces and then shoot them into your CAD system.

The reality is that the process is far from this simple, but with a little diligent work, good quality scans and some pre-planning, it’s perfectly achievable.

The good news is that the Peel 3D scanners have a good reputation, work at a resolution of 0.1mm with a volumetric accuracy in the region of 0.3 mm/m, which should get you a good enough mesh to extract your geometry and other reference geometry from your part.

Peel 2 CAD is available for order now and costs $9,690


Might be worth clarifying if the bundle price mentioned is US dollars or Canadian dollars...

Posted by Christopher Booth on 07 January 2020 at 06:06 PM

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