VRgineers XTAL VR headset gets 4K display per eye

Published 09 January 2020

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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It’s set up for US military fighter pilot training and top-end automotive designers, but VRgineers latest HMD gives yet another glimpse of the super high-resolution VR future that the professional sector is heading towards.

Optimised for the current crop of super powerful GPUs, such as the Quadro RTX 8000 from NVIDIA, the latest version of the XTAL headset incorporates 8K resolution (4k for each eye) combined with a set of new features that make it one of the most advanced professional VR headset available today.

“Our customers are using the latest cutting edge technologies, so they expect the best from their VR solutions,” said VRgineers CEO & co-founder Marek Polčák.

“That means solutions optimised for the latest Nvidia RTX cards with VirtualLink embedded. The latest generation of XTAL VR headset is the only solution today that meets these needs with 8K resolution.”

The embedded VirtualLink cable, manufactured by BizLink is an open industry standard developed to meet the connectivity requirements of current and next-generation virtual reality headsets.

VirtualLink is a standards-based USB Type-C solution designed to deliver the power, display, and data required to power VR headsets through a single USB Type-C connector, providing a durable and simple connection. Instead of as many six cables, VirtualLink-enabled systems like XTAL only require a single cable to connect their systems.

Other new or upgraded features include:

● High-density LCD displays with unbeatable resolution 8K
● Foveated rendering capabilities
● AR mixed reality module add-on
● Improved lenses with 180º FOV
● Eye tracking capable to run up to 210 fps
● Highly accurate Leap Motion sensors
● Unique VirtualLink cable implemented
● Easy embedding to helmet for simulations



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