Essentium brings ‘High Speed Extrusion’ 3D printing technology to UK market with GoPrint3D

Published 05 February 2020

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Essentium has announced that it is launching its HSE 180 series of FDM 3D printers in the UK through reseller GoPrint3D, as well as a complete range of Essentium’s innovative new materials.

The US company claims that its High Speed Extrusion (HSE) technology can produce end-use parts 5-15x faster and 5x more accurately than conventional FDM means, and at a cost that makes 3D printing an economically attractive proposition.

Including low temperature, standard and high temperature models, Essentium’s 3D printers come with a complementary range of industrial-grade materials.

(L-R) GoPrint3D’s James Blackburn and Essentium’s Cyprien Decouty

Essentium EMEA sales manager Cyprien Decouty, said of the news: “Despite the important potential of industrial-scale AM, many UK and Irish companies lack the know-how, resources and confidence to adopt the technology as an integral part of their manufacturing process.

“Together with GoPrint3D we will smash through these barriers to help manufacturers achieve far reaching economic, innovation and competitive advantage through AM at scale.”

GoPrint3D sales director James Blackburn chipped-in that he is aware of ‘pent up demand’ for an an industrial-scale AM solution that’s economically viable, adding that this partnership will help GoPrint3D’s customers step closer to that reality.


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