Rize and Sindoh partner to expand 3D Printer and material options

Published 11 February 2020

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Rize’s zero emissions Rizium 3D printing materials line will be made available to Sindoh users

Boston’s Rize has partnered with its South Korean 3D printing brethren Sindoh to further expand their product offerings - including Rize’s sustainable portfolio of zero emissions materials.

Both companies believe that the collaboration will open new markets for both Rize and Sindoh, and accelerate the adoption of the former’s innovations.

“Sindoh is a proven technology leader with a wide array of 3D Printing offerings, and together we can complement each other’s strengths to capture rising demand for next-generation additive manufacturing technologies,” said Rize CEO Andy Kalambi.

Sindoh CEO Byoungbag Lee believes that the move will allow its printers to penetrate into the industrial segment ‘in a much stronger position’ as well as education sector. “This will definitely show the synergy effect of how two companies’ strengths working together,” he added.


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