3Dconnexion upgrades with CadMouse Wireless Pro

Published 05 June 2019

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: cad, design, 3dconnexion, mouse

3Dconnexion is a name long associated with the 3D design world: From its roots as part of the Logitech group, through its merge with Labtec (anyone still rocking a SpaceBall?), it has focussed on providing 3D motion control using its SpaceMouse products.

These gave your non-dominant hand control over your 3D model with a varying range of shortcut keys and other wizardry. But what about the dominant hand? Surely it could cook something up that gave us a professional, CAD focussed tool, for 3D design work to replace the common or garden mouse?

A few years ago, this challenge was answered with the release of the CadMouse, which on the surface of it, a pretty standard looking device, but one which brought back the third mouse button separate from the scroll wheel.

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