How does a workshop to learn more about Ecodesign and LifeCycle Assessment (LCA) grab your fancy?

Published 22 July 2010

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: design, green design, design tools, sustainable minds, lca, lifecycle analysis, ecodesign, cold hard reality of environmental damage

I’m a couple of days away from swapping my MacBook for a real book or two and disappearing on a couple of week’s holiday, so I’m rather quickly bashing through everything on my to-do list, arranging some content for the next few issues and avoiding phone calls from Greg wondering “Where the **** is the copy for page 4?” - all at the same time as winding down for some countryside peace and quiet.

While I’m off there’s a couple of things that I’m going to miss (in terms of logistics). SIGGRAPH is on soon and looks interesting although I’ve never been - something always comes out of that with serious application to our field of coverage - and it would have been worth attending just to watch the bun-fight between the Luxion and Bunkspeed guys.

The other is an online workshop (I can’t use the word “webinar” in any seriousness) being held by the folks at Sustainable Minds on the 27th of July. If you’re not aware of the company and its online offering, then its worth a look if you have any interest in sustainable design, in green design, in ecodesign (insert over used cliche here at will). We took a look at version 1.1 of the service a couple of months ago, but this are progressing nicely with 1.3 adding some much needed unit flexibility.

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