Ansys and MachineWorks sign agreement to expand use of Polygonica

Published 01 March 2018

Posted by Stephen Holmes

Article tagged with: engineering, design, ansys, cae, polygonica, machineworks, discovery live

Structural simulation of dirty polygon-based geometry in made possible by the combination of Polygonica and Ansys Discovery Live

MachineWorks’ Polygonica software, which is used in Ansys’ Discovery Live software, is to be further used across Ansys’ software portfolio thanks to a new agreement between the companies.

Polygonica is a polygonal solid modelling toolkit for processing polygon mesh, which can carry out a wide range of geometric operations such as automatic solid healing, fixing self-intersections and Boolean operations.

Ansys Discovery Spaceclaim software was an early adopter of the Polygonica technology, which was initially used within additive manufacturing workflows, with the SpaceClaim team progressing its functionality to support more generic polygon-based CAD functionality.


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