Ansys brings its Digital Twin and Additive Simulation tech to market with 19.1 release

Published 16 May 2018

Posted by Al Dean

Article tagged with: engineering, simulation, design, 3d printing, manufacturing, ansys, additive manufacturing, digital twin

Ansys has announced details of it’s the latest release, Ansys 19.1, which seems to encompass both a range of its existing technologies and capabilities as well as start to address new areas the company had yet to explore.

A key theme for 19.1 is the release of Ansys Twin Builder. With the concept of the digital twin becoming key to many of the more advanced product engineering technology providers (Siemens, PTC, Dassault et al), it’s interesting that Ansys is diving into this area head first.

As you might imagine, the focus is heavy on the simulation aspects and how you link the digital model to your physical assets - whether that’s for product testing or more importantly, preventative maintenance and prediction.

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