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Prime Cuts: Hear me now!

Published 16 June 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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This week we’ve turned to a rather nifty ‘glory project’ from Dassault Systèmes DesignStudio team in conjunction with designer Jean Hong.

The Helix-IR concept is a wireless high definition sound headphone to show what CATIA’s capabilities are for creative designers and internal collaboration between designers and engineers.

With some exciting use of metals, laser cutting and the likes, they’re rather good looking (except for the DS branding of course), but will never see the light of day outside of the world of highly polished renderings.

The software showcase combines:
- Subdivision of surfaces (imagine & shape) for creativity and exploratory modelling
- Parametric surfaces (generative shape design, part design)
- Seam and grid pattern automatic geometry generation (CATIA Knowledgeware)
- Rendering with CATIA live rendering

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Ferrari World Design Contest finals

Published 14 June 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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All those schoolboy memories of trying and failing miserably to sketch my favourite Ferrari have today built to the horrible conclusion that I will fail to win the Ferrari World Design Contest.

From the gorgeous curves of a 250GTO, the beautiful proportions of a 355, or the knife sharp air intakes of an F40, the seven finalist teams from around the globe will be challenged to develop the Ferrari hypercar of the future.

Student teams will be faced with creating virtual 3D models of their proposed prancing horse design using Autodesk Alias and 1:4 scale physical models. The winners will be announced in mid-July, and awarded the prize of an internship at Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. 

In addition to the overall winner, Autodesk will present an award to the team that best uses its Alias software to demonstrate and communicate the process and intent of their vehicle design.

The seven finalist teams are: IED and IAAD from Turin (Italy), the London Royal College of Arts (United Kingdom), the European Design Institute Barcelona (Spain), Seoul’s Hong-ik University (Seoul, Korea), the DSKSupinfocom (Pune, India) and the College for Creative Studies (Detroit, Mich., United States).

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Dassault Design In Life: press days how they should be

Published 13 June 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Press events are usually a bombardment of self promotion, injecting the company’s brand into your consciousness and feeding you enough case studies to make their competition pale into insignificance.

So it was rather surprising that for two events a software company sat back and let its products speak for themselves.

I’d been meaning to post something on the series of Dassault Systèmes (DS) events that have been held in recent weeks -  its usual press and user events but with a bit of a twist and a lot of the usual marketing strategy thrown out of the window.

The first took place at London’s Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea FC and for the day a wide host of DS customers from all spheres of its software coverage.

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The June Edition

Published 09 June 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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The June edition of DEVELOP3D is about to land on your desks, so stay tuned for another whirlwind adventure.

This month we look at Britain’s latest crop of product design graduates; work our glutes on a new exercise bike from Power Plate; investigate how to go about setting up your own design practice, plus all the best news, features, reviews and jobs.

June cover story: The Orb

Despite looking like something that Wall-E would attempt to take out on a date, the Orb is a cleverly designed to safely warm beauty salon products for better results while looking aesthetically minimal.
Read the online version here.

As a bonus we have the latest reverse engineering supplement featuring the cutting edge of technology and equipment from the world of reverse engineering to help you get the most from your scanning and CAM technology.

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Prime Cuts: I think I smell a rat…

Published 02 June 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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I’m not fond of rodents.

Frankly I still hold a grudge about the Black Death (the fluffy little bastards), so when I spotted the RADAR from Rentokill I figured it was time to go to war with Mickey & co.

Designed by Greaves Best Design, RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) is a discreet, humane and innovative solution to mouse control for high risk market segments, where the presence of a single mouse cannot be tolerated [ie. my flat].

Now for the gas chamber…

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Prime Cuts: The ultimate pedalo

Published 26 May 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Design challenges often involve safety but facing giant waves, possible typhoons, occasional icebergs and likely interest from monster sharks in nothing more than a pedalo requires some specialist thought.

The Torepedalo is the result of over a year of design work: a fast, stable boat that cuts well through the water and the air. At over eight metres long, it’s huge for a pedalo but tiny for a place for two people to live for over six weeks.

Not only will it be packed with all the needed supplies and equipment, but it has some serious design clout behind it too.

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Job of the week: The Alloy

Published 25 May 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Product Designer at The Alloy

Job Type: Permanent
Industry Sector: Product development and manufacturing
Software Packages: AutoCAD
Location: Farnham, Surrey

Big-time UK design firm The Alloy is seeking a designer with a high degree of creativity, commitment and professionalism for its major accounts.

You should have at least five years of experience and a proven track record, ideally in consultancy where you can demonstrate that you have already enjoyed effective relationships with your clients where you were empathic and understood their experiences and viewpoints.

There’s going to be a lot of interest in this one people, so get in there quick! Apply here.

We have a mass of cool design and engineering jobs ready and waiting for you - Click here to browse through for your new career!

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