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Take to the polls: A Christmas vacation

Published 29 November 2010

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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This year I spent all my wages on Christmas lights, putting them up in July

26 full days before Christmas Day and TTTP is rushing off to a sunnier climate; one filled with sun, sea, sand and a free bar. As a result this will be the final poll of the decade.

Before getting misty-eyed at the end of an era, we’ll cast an eye over last week’s poll.

Seeing as everyone else is already packed, in the airport departures lounge and quaffing copious amounts of Duty Free booze, it’s down to me to piece together the facts.

Not entirely surprising is that over 30 per cent of those that voted are doing everything. At a time when everyone is being expected to cover all jobs to keep costs low most of you are doing the whole shebang.

But as the sharper amongst you might have noticed, this prompted a little debate on the ‘Comments’ section about what’s available for the “Everyman”.

As our own Al Dean put it: “Composer and Inventor Publisher do a good job of handling the technical illustrations, but there’s sod all for the “everyman” that does both.

“Arbortext is an excellent system for managing massively complex tasks, with multi-language and all that type of thing, but its not affordable unless you have a serious bottlebeck.

“Yes, many of the existing customers do and they get a very quick return on investment for what they invest… Not everyone CAN afford that sort of roll-out, either in terms of cash or justification.”

Some words of wisdom were also dealt out by Kevin Quigley who agrees with the lack of affordable tools for the rising numbers of you producing technical documents.

“What we all want is simple. We want something like Google Layout. Import the 3D Model, directly interact with it in the page layout, set thick n thin lines/render styles, add your text and notes, done,” says Kevin, adding: “Layout is the only app I have come across so far that does most of this in the context of the finished page. Just think what Adobe could have done…”

In an area where only 7 per cent of you are smugly avoiding anything to do with this it would seem a cost-effective tool is needed.

This week’s poll is something less dramatic and a lot more festive - we want to know what hardware you’d magically like to see in your stocking on Christmas morning? Don’t just tick the box, leave us a comment and feel free to get specific: How monstrous do you need your workstation to be? How fast your graphics? Would you want an iPad or another of the growing number of tablets?

See you in the New Year!

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Take to the polls: Technical publications

Published 22 November 2010

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Are you a published author?

After a week away sunning itself on the tropical beaches of Blackpool, Take to the Polls has returned.

This week we’re looking at literature; not Cage & Avery Magazine, or those ‘exotic’ publications you found in the bottom drawer of your colleague’s desk, but technical literature and whether you get involved in producing it or stay well clear.

As always, click to vote, but feel free to leave comments, questions and anything else in the box below. The results will be shown next Monday, we promise.

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DEVELOP3D launch new jobs website

Published 22 November 2010

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Find your new career here today with our new jobs website

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! DEVELOP3D is excited to announce that we’re giving you the most current job opportunities around the country in the design and manufacturing industries straight from our website and tab on the main DEVELOP3D homepage.

If you’re fancying a change of workplace in the New Year; looking for a position with a bit more financial clout; or simply planning your post education leap into the big wide world, DEVELOP3D Jobs has a position for you.

By registering, candidates get access to an extensive range of personal services: uploading of CVs, job search (including saved searches), email subscriptions, online job applications and a jobs wish list.

Designers and engineers can securely search for the jobs they’ve always dreamed of or select to be automatically contacted via email should a specific job become available.

Alternatively, if you’re just feeling a bit nosey, simply browse through the mountains of listings from all over the UK.

For a limited period, those searching for employees can advertise positions for free. Recruiters can search the candidate database of engineers based on keywords, job titles and locations, should the members enable this in their profiles.

While the job market is currently tougher than a bunch of Chilean miners, DEVELOP3D Jobs, powered by CADjobhunter, will actively hunt out and list the best jobs in the country to give you all the best possible chance.

We’ll also be listing the job of the week on the blog pages, our Facebook and Twitter sites every Wednesday, which should hopefully give you some inspiration if you find you’re getting itchy feet in the New Year.

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Something to do tonight? Let us help

Published 11 November 2010

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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In the Capital for one night only (and live on the internet)

Cut&Paste is here in London tonight, and not only are we giving you the chance to pick up discount tickets to the live event, but the entire event will be streamed live to the t’interweb via JustinTV here.

How to design a must-have Christmas present? Find out tonight

Live at the show will be our special guests Product Resolutions, giving a talk about the design of their must-have Christmas toy - the new Scalextric Start.

DEVELOP3D will also be chipping in to help judge the entries of the 3D design section.

It promises to be a great event so take a look tonight wherever you are in the world.

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Take to the polls: Cloudy up ahead

Published 09 November 2010

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Blue sky thinking? How are you taking to the idea of cloud computing?

Having spent a weekend shivering out in the cold, staring at the grim spectacle of some low budget fireworks going off in the aid of Guy Fawkes Night, we’re trying to get some feeling back in your digits with our clickable poll.

But first we hand over our storybook of last week’s scary Halloween poll of ‘CAD in the future’ to our own crazed, crystal ball-staring madman, Martyn Day:

“It would seem that even though the push for direct modelling comes with a lot of hype, over 68% of respondents are actually interested in have direct modelling in their CAD solutions, this is good news for the developers.

“That said, the most emphatic grouping wanting direct modelling capabilities, almost 11%, is still only a niche of designers.

“There appears to be a fairly high degree of engineers dissatisfied with what’s currently available, with over 36% of engineers wanting the software to just bloody work properly.

“The lion’s share want the current ‘impossible’ combination of intelligent direct modelling and history-based parametric modelling, which has so far evaded the developers.

“PTC is making noises in this direction but we yet have to properly see it. My colleague, Al Dean, believes this ideal of mixed approaches is still a couple of years away.”

It was good to have all your feedback, especially in the comments section.

This week we want to know about The Cloud - that fanciful place that could ease your CAD lifestyle, or be a possible risk to your data:

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Take to the polls: Future CAD

Published 02 November 2010

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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The Doc and Marty still couldn’t get over the PTC ‘CAD Jail’ routine

Following a busy week where the ‘future of CAD’ has been thrown at us all from several different directions, it’s taken a while to adjust to normality (and post this blog).

Last week we looked at trade shows, which on the face of things, are not the most attention grabbing of subjects.

We offered the poll findings to D3D’s digital editor Stephen Holmes for some analysis:

“Its not hard to see that with only forty-something votes that trade shows hardly set the heart on fire with emotion (the poll the week before was well over 100 more than that).

“However, it still goes to show that with 46% of those votes, people are turning up to get an invaluable firsthand look at technologies that might be new to them, or that plain tickle-their-fancy.

“From the recent trade shows we visited this is very true of rapid prototyping machines and scanners, while software vendors are becoming a rare breed at shows mostly because what they do can be easily covered on the internet.

“22% found that it was the ideal place to network with others in the industry; a place where a lot of useful people are in the same room for some face-to-face time, considered a luxury in today’s working environment. Yet, much to the chagrin of many of the stand holders, it would seem nobody is showing up with the preemptive thoughts to actually buy anything.

“On a more negative side, 17% of people feel that there’s nothing there for them so don’t bother going in the first place, while a combined 15% only turn up for a day away from their desks, and for the benefits of a free biro or two.

“With show organisers the world over promising visitor numbers in their thousands, and hundreds of stands at their events, it might be worth remembering (whichever side you’re on) the wise votes of this poll.”

This week we’re looking back to the future! Sadly no hoverboards, DeLoreans, or incestuous advances from your mother - but having been promised the future of CAD a the PTC Creo launch, we’d like to know what you want from the future of CAD?

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PTC Creo - the future of CAD for the next 20 years?

Published 28 October 2010

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Not a single ‘answer’, but a suite of them

It’s happened: PTC have pulled out all the stops to launch Creo – what it believes to be the future of CAD for the next 20 years.

A super suite of ‘Apps’ launching next summer is what PTC is hoping will answer the “four big problems” facing CAD users today, and it was undeniably rather impressive (apart from the amateur dramatics production of Chicago to begin with and some cagey ‘stage banter’ you’d usually find on QVC).

The Creo suite is set to run under the banner of the four solutions: AnyRole Apps; AnyMode Modelling; AnyData Adoption and AnyBOM Assembly.

Read more…

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