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Job of the week: H2 Product Development

Published 09 February 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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H2 Product Development - Product Design Engineers

Job Type: Permanent
Industry Sector: Product Development and Manufacturing
Software Category: CAD/CAM/CAE
Software Packages: ProEngineer
Location: Birmingham

H2PD is a leading NPD consultancy with an enviable client base and great projects to work on.

It’s seeking exceptional Product Design Engineers with experience of plastic enclosure and electronic assembly design.

As a valued member of the team you will take designs from concept to production, liaising with clients and suppliers.

- Creative thinking
- Experienced Pro/Engineer user
- Sketching, making, proving and implementing designs
- Sound DFMA practices
- Quality detailing & sensitive interpretation of design intent
- Minimum 3 years experience; preferably more
- Great communication skills

Salary is based upon experience

Apply here


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Job of the week: Designworks Product Designers

Published 02 February 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Designworks Product Designers

Job Type: Permanent
Industry Sector: Product Development and Manufacturing
Software Category: CAD/CAM/CAE
Software Packages: Solidworks
Location: Windsor

Designworks is a global team of product development experts who design, develop and manufacture many top selling products including medical devices, consumer goods, industrial equipment, baby products, sports products and office and homewares.

Between its studios it has a dedicated team of over 35 industry experts, carefully selected to create a broad skill set that provides an invaluable resource to the company’s clients; now they are looking for two more to be based in its Windsor offices.

Senior Product Designer
Design Engineer - Freelance


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Intel’s Dirty Bit…

Published 27 January 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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“Wait… No??... You’re kidding me??... What the f[snip - D3D Ed]!?”

That’s right kids - Intel has announced its new director of creative innovation:, the fella with the sunglasses from the Black Eyed Peas.

You heard it here second, or third, or possibly for the brain-stalling sixth time today, possibly already from a colleague equally astounded by the appointment of a man who at his own unveiling seemed baffled, nervous, but holding on by repeating the giant figure of his new Intel payslip over and over in his head…

This week DEVELOP3D has been locked away in a cupboard playing with the latest Sandy Bridge Chip, a force to be reckoned with when it comes to speccing out your CAD workstation.

We’d like to think was deeply involved with its creation and application, even if he was only responsible for brewing the coffee for the office and bringing in carrot cake on a Friday. Failing that, what is his actual purpose amongst the innovative creation bods, most of whom seem to spend their time in damned TV commercials anyway??

We’d like to know how the sunglass-bedecked, pop-hip-hop producing maestro’s appointment makes you feel: is it necessary for Intel to do so? Should his massive pay cheque not go to a bunch of new creative types and developers? Do we all need 7 Grammy Awards to be deemed creative?

Thank God it’s nearly the weekend…

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Dyson Jobs of the Week special!

Published 26 January 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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We got a bit excited when Dyson, designers of household utilities, gadgets, and, um, desk fans, got in touch with our new DEVELOP3D Jobs site to help us hunt them down a range of potential employees.

The developer of ‘new and better technology that solves everyday problems’ is currently looking to recruit a number of Product Designers and Mechanical Engineers to develop its next line of products.

The company that is probably best known for its leading range of vacuum cleaners actually does a lot more: they’ve developed new hand-dryer technology, a desk fan without buffeting blades and a digital motor that spins 104,000 times a minute. But this is only the start. As part of future growth plans they are now expanding their Malmesbury operation and there’s a chance for you to be a part of it.
Current roles include:

Turbomachinery Aerodynamic Design Engineer

Mechanical Engineers – Graduate to Senior

Fluid Dynamics Engineer

Product Designers/ Design Engineers – All levels

Acoustic Engineers

None of these roles take your fancy? Then why not check out the other roles that are currently being advertised on our brand new job listing site – DEVELOP3D Jobs

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D3D Poll: Results

Published 21 January 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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If you’re practicing your balloon animals you’ve probably already given up on your design career…

The week is over and hopefully the majority of you managed to stay employed for long enough to consider what you’ll be doing in the future months.

By the look of things you’re all rather happy about where you are right now – either that or just plain grateful to have a job in the industry at all.

That’s not to say that you’re not having a poke around: If the right offer were to come along a quarter of you would jump ship, while nearly as many are sneaking around textbooks and courses to upskill their qualifications with a hope to finding a new position.

A worrying figure is that 14 per cent still have no trust in the jobs market as it currently stands – and even worse is that only three per cent of you are getting out of the game by retiring. SAGA and the golf clubs of the world will be feeling the pinch in 2011.

If you’re looking for some inspiration (unfortunately not in balloon modeling) then take a look here at DEVELOP3D Jobs, which has a wide array of vacancies at all levels right across the UK.

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Job of the week:

Published 19 January 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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Industrial Designer - Oxford - SolidWorks

Job Type: Contract
Software Category: CAD/CAM/CAE
Software Packages: CAD - Solidworks
Location: Oxford

Working within a small, interdisciplinary team you will take the lead in the development of critical aspects of a new generation of products.

A self-starter, you will be highly motivated and have proven experience of problem solving and generally getting things done.

Educated to degree level in engineering or product design you will have several years’ experience of industrial design and product development in a commercial environment.

You should expect to travel within the UK and abroad (worldwide).

Click here for more information and to apply


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D3D Poll - New Year new you?

Published 17 January 2011

Posted by Stephen Holmes

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It might be a good time for a bit of career development…

The January blues are eating away at your soul; the weather is cold/damp/British; you’re skint until payday… It doesn’t get much worse.

But you could at least cheer yourself up a little with a bit of career development [I said a little bit - we’re not miracle workers].

This week’s poll looks at your career options for the New Year - are you happy where you are now? Looking to move on? Desperate to retire to a life of daytime TV and reducing your golf handicap? Then let us know.

We’d like to know what you’re planning and maybe [if you’re feeling chatty] the reasons why? A new family meaning you’re working from home? A dream of working abroad leading you back to further qualifications? A recent divorce seeing you take up a second job in your local McDonalds…?

Should you need a bit of encouragement then check out our new jobs site here - a quick browse might change your life.

The results for this week’s poll will be here on Friday lunchtime, so check back to see if you’re the only one brave enough to be seeking new pastures.


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